My mum is trying to make me fat?!

Question: My mum is trying to make me fat.?
she wont let me make dinner, and is trying to force fatty foods down me, and then if i don't want to eat it, she is being mean and insulting me.

she is determined to make me gain weight.
i'm really upset, trying to tell her to stop it but she won't.

what do i do, throw the f*cking plate in her face.?
i am not TOO THIN!! this is absurd!Health Question & Answer

i can make you fat, but only for nine months, lucky and successHealth Question & Answer

Actually you are way too thin. Your mom is trying to make you healthy because you obviously aren't doing it for yourself. I would get yourself to a counselor who can help you sort out your body and weight issues so you don't develop an eating disorder.

Your BMI is 17.4 and anything under 18.5 is considered underweight. This puts you at a higher risk for health problems. An ideal weight for someone your height is about 115 lbs.

Your mom is trying to help the only way she knows how so cut her some slack. There are healthy ways to slowly gain weight that don't include stuffing yourself with fried foods every day. Try talking to your mom about it and actually listening to what she has to say. The two of you can agree on something together to get you back on track to being a bit healthier.Health Question & Answer

Your BMI is 17.4.
(Underweight from 16.5 to 18.5)
I think that you should gain a little weight, but it needs to be in a healthy manner. You should start doing a bit of weight lifting. You will gain muscle mass which weighs more than fat, you will be tone, and your new muscle will increase your metabolism. This is a healthy way of gaining weight and will help you in the long run. You mother is just looking out for you, but it does not seem that she is doing it in the most healthy and positive way.Health Question & Answer

i am the same height and weight as you and i looked the bmi myself and you are not underweight:

you are ideal weight, if you talk to your mum about why she is doing this you can work it out.Health Question & Answer

You could do with a little more weight on your bones. You are underweight.Health Question & Answer

Punch her.Health Question & Answer

How thin are you.?
You can gain weight but dont gain to much stay active and eat you will be fine and you dont have to eat what she shoves in your face.
Your not to thin at all.
For your height your fine.
If you eat them just exercise right after to burn it off or something.
If she is insulting you dont eat around her dont eat dinner but then eat it when she is away or something
Just trying to help when I was anorexic I had the same issue but my mom didnt know I was anorexic I was 5'3 and 88 pounds so yeah. I was dangerously thin now im 5'5.5 and 140 pound i woukout everyday so I feel fine.
Hope this helped : ]
Good luck.Health Question & Answer

So, what is your question.?Health Question & Answer

OK, 5' 3" and 98 pounds is too thin. Whether you like it or not, it's not healthy and there is no such thing as "absurdity" when it comes to being too thin. At your height, you should weigh at least 100-105 pounds. But, you're not so underweight that you are in danger levels.

What do you mean that she is being mean and insulting.? Is she calling you names, or is she simply mothering you and saying things like "I worry about you! You're too thin! You need to eat!"

Like it or not, you need to look at your relationship with food and ask yourself if there is a problem here. Do your friends or other family members seem worried or comment on your weight frequently.? Or is it just your mother.

If you really believe that your weight is fine, and you are determined to continue to refuse the meals your mother makes, then you are going to have to have a professional explain to your mother that you are not underweight, and that you are healthy. In other words, have your mom schedule an appointment with a doctor or nutritionist. If you truly believe you are in the right, then there will be no angst about seeing a professional on your part.

Remember that your mom loves you. Like it or not, your family worries. Believe me. I'm 34 years old, and am 5' 6" and weigh 117 pounds. Everyday I see a girl who is way to skinny reflected back in my mirror. I'm not anorexic or bulimic. But I am unhealthy because my body absolutely refuses to hold the necessary fat it needs. I have a series of health problems...including constant bouts of depression, fatigue, heart palpatations, and dental problems stemming from what the doctors say is my body practically eating itself in an attempt to hold onto some sort of weight. As aggravating as all that is, it breaks my heart to see my grandmother staring at me like I'm about to fall over, and my mother making snide comments about wishing she had my metabolism. I lost a lot of friends in school when this started happening. People suspected I was anorexic and didn't want to give a crap about someone who they thought would keel over at any moment.

So stop looking at your mom as the enemy, and start realizing that parents worry for their children. Of course, scarfing down heaping helpings of grease laden foods isn't the answer because, even if you never gained an ounce, you risk your cholesterol, arteries and heart. But you have to remember that you can't constantly be counting calories or fat content either because that is one of the risk factors for eating disorders.

I wish you luck with your mom. Don't be so hard on her...sit and talk to her like an adult and explain your feelings. If you want her to respect your dietary habits, you have to respect the fact that she worries. She's a mom. It's what we do! :)Health Question & Answer

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