How do i get taller how do i get respected and noticed in school and how to dance?!

Question: How do i get taller how do i get respected and noticed in school and how to dance.?
My mom is 6'0 and my dad is 5'9 i am 4'2. I am 12 years old and want to grow. Every one in school makes fun of me but when there is another kid that is more popular than me they respect him.

I want to be respected. I get along with some people. But the rest are just"look at that shorty" or some other irratting things. But the girls call me cute and stuff is this pitty or what.

And my final question is how to dance. Today we had a party in the gym and the girl that i like asked me to dance what ever they were dancing but i couldn't because i didnt know how to dance(wipes tear).
So please help me on hot grow taller and fit in more and dance and not be shyHealth Question & Answer

wow. that sucks
its all about how u carry yourself
i dont care if guys are short as long as theyre funny, not shy, and are good dancers

i was about 12 at my first dance and i just watched youtube videos of people dancing
i kno it sounds geeky but u dont have to tell anyone and they help
dont show that ur nervous if u see a girl looking at u, ask
girls love it when guys ask them, and i dont really care if guys are sucky dancers as long as they dont trample me or try to grind when they cant at all

im sry about ur height but try soccer or diving or baseball. height doesnt matter for these. if u get a good rep in sports, dont worry about ur height, people will know u as the awesome athlete
and u will grow dont worryHealth Question & Answer

dont feel bad, i used 2 be the same way...kinda. anyways, there is not really that much you can do about growing taller and stronger and stuff. i guess start taking vitamins or somethin.? im not sure, but do not eat a shitload of vitamins or u could die. the truth is that ur really 2 young to grow kind of, maybe next year u will hit puberty and then WHOAAA u will be bigger and everything.but just be urself and make friends with as many people u can. then people could look up 2 u and stuff Best of luck : btw-are u in middle school.?Health Question & Answer

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