I think I'm addicted to soda... please help!?!

Question: I think I'm addicted to soda... please help!.?
theres a store down my street that sells soda for $1 so i started getting it. now i buy two or three every day. i really like what the caffeine does to me, but i know its really unhealthy. sometimes i just walk into the store without realizing it, so i buy a soda. i know addictions could be worse, but i also know that what i'm doing is really bad for me. how do i stop.?Health Question & Answer

lots of people are addicted to lots of different things( i'm addicted to gum)
just start drinking something else, pretty soon you'll get used to it.?
caffine is NOT good for u, so just start drinking caffine-free drinks.

It's not such a big deal.

P.S u should put me on your contacts( because i barely have any fans!)Health Question & Answer

Try gum. Then get addicted to that. It's funHealth Question & Answer

Maybe you should consider being a Scientologist.Health Question & Answer

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