How long does it take for starving yourself to become addictive?!

Question: How long does it take for starving yourself to become addictive.?
I want an answer to my question. Do not give me the "Don't do it" speech. I already know the dangers and I don't care.Health Question & Answer

It probably becomes easier around 6 weeks. But there are much better ways to lose weight. Plus, you'll eventually have to eat again and your metabolism will be so slow all the starving yourself will be wasted.Health Question & Answer

you cant get addicted, starving yourself is being anorexia and anorexic is a disease not a choice people are mentally thinking they need to starve themselves to be skinny and even if they are skinny or underweight they are still never satisfied so you cant get addicted it is a disease.Health Question & Answer

I've never heard of it becoming addictive. But I do know that it becomes an obsession. Addictive usually means you get some sort of pleasure out of it, and I don't think anorexics are very happy with starving themselves.Health Question & Answer

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Why don't you find a quicker way of killing yourself, instead of a long strung out battle!Health Question & Answer

doubt it will you will be so hungrey you will pig out on food when you are around someHealth Question & Answer

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