For those who experts in body building products?!

Question: For those who experts in body building products.?
im 30 female fencing player
i need to add power for my performance and my body so i started to have Musclebuilding creatine did any one try (Cell-TECH) HARDCORE from MUSCLETECH before .?
is ok for females .?! shall i use another protin product with this one .?Health Question & Answer

Cell tech is a form of creatine monohydrate which means it abosorbs water super quickly into your muscles. Monohydrate is probably the worst form of creatine. If you really do insist on taking creatine, you can try creatine ethyl ester (cee). It won't cause bloating or cramps in muscle. But if i were you, i would just stick to a lean protein drink and get on a good workout program.Health Question & Answer

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