Kelloggs k lite challenge does it work?!

Question: Kelloggs k lite challenge does it work.?
has anyone tried the kelloggs k lite lose 2.5 kgs in 2 weeks challenge. does it work.?Health Question & Answer

im doing the special k and it works for me..
all kinda healthy cereals work really :)
just cut out on sweets and snacks!Health Question & Answer

it might, but Special k is crap cereal made with tons of HFCS which is horrible for your body, it can't digest it properly...

a better way to lose would be to do this:
You need to eat lean meats (chicken, fish, turkey, lean beef) , low gi fruits (apples, bananas, pineapple, oranges), green veggies (broccoli, celery, green lettuce, spinach), only whole wheat breads (look on the package and see if the first ingredient is whole wheat flour, if it is it should be good unless it has high fructose corn syrup like Mrs Bairds does). Jillian Michaels from biggest loser has a great quote, "before you eat your food ask yourself, does it have a momma or did it come from the ground.? If not don't eat it." Eat 5 - 6 small meals a day, this will increase your metabolism and help you to not feel so hungry in between meals. It

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