What if you had to exist on this diet?!

Question: What if you had to exist on this diet.?
chocolate milk and dry sugar coated cereal w/o milk
chips and salsa & coke for lunch
coke and sometimes maybe 1/2 piece of fruit
fast food hamburger, fries (or other fast food like rice and chips only) and coke for dinner
microwave popcorn and coke

Every single day for years.Health Question & Answer

The modern diet that people exist on is beyond me. People don't even know what real food is anymore. Whatever happened to meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, whole grains, dairy and fruit. This is what builds a normal body.
There is a syndrome going on with the younger generations who are not getting enough nutrition. It results in tall thin bodies with crooked bones. Have you also noticed kids in their pr- teens, teens and older that have fat middle sections.?.?.?.? People never had this issue on a wide spread basis, EVER - before these most recent generations. By choosing unhealthy, synthetic diets people are selectively killing themselves off and their future generations. These people will (and already are) losing their ability to procreate.Health Question & Answer

That is a lot of coke to be drinking. If you want to lose weight, quit drinking Coke and start drinking water. Coke just puts the weight on.
And fast food is not very healthy. With this diet, I would not lose very much weight.Health Question & Answer


Try my diet: this is every morning, has been for as along as I can remember too. at least 5 years!

Yoplait Vanilla Thick & Creamy Yogurt
1 banana
1 protein bar
1 Red Bull

I do eat other things for dinner too, not just this. this is just breakfast!!!Health Question & Answer

I would get fat and huge and sloppy and disgusting.Health Question & Answer

soda is so bad for your teeth. if you decide to stay on this diet i would see a dentist oftenHealth Question & Answer

Surprised your not dead !Health Question & Answer

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