Embarrassing weird question.....what do you think?!

Question: Embarrassing weird question.....what do you think.?
Ok so I had 2 kids and each time before I had my kids I was pretty small and fit but my stomach stretched and so after my first kid I had like 2 stretch marks but they were small and unnoticeable but after my 2nd kid I got a lot and its real ugly and kind of lose on my lower stomach and also I gained weight. I am now 5'1 and 150 and so my question is, if I run like 4 times a week and do pilates DVD (20 mins) every night, will it ever look back to normal.? I know the stretch marks dont go away but is it possible for my stomach to be tight again.?Health Question & Answer

most likely not. it CAN, but its very difficult to do so. you have to do a lot of weight training, ab workouts, etc. you will also need a trainer (they know what to do). but in all honesty, you may always have a little pooch left over from the kids.

most women have it after having kids. all bodies will look different after having them. if you see celeb pictures that are untouched, you will see for yourself that they all have stretchmarks and a little extra.

don't get hungover on it honestly. just workout and do the best you can do. its possible to get it, but you just have to work for it.Health Question & Answer

actually, the same thing happened to my mom after she had me. she got small and fit after she my brother and sister, but by the time she got to me, she couldnt get fit again. she's 5'0 and weighs a little over 150 .you can do exercises to get your stomach more fit and you'll lose weight, but the stretch you see in your stomach won't go away, the only way to lose it is surgery. she tried the same thing, and her abs got tighter but the bottom part of her stomach was still stretched and baggy.
hey dont worry about the question! people ask anything on here!Health Question & Answer

If you like to run then run. But I like fast pace walking. It really helps, but you need to walk for at least 35 min a day. Your heart rate needs to be at a steady rate for that long. I love the elliptical machine. The best thing you can do for your belly is the cardio. running is hard on you.

i love reading the Prevention magazines or Shape or Fitness. Prevention is my favorite. They have great tips- not just for loosing weight, but for a healthy life style.Health Question & Answer

Tighter, yes but back to the same, no. That is why the plastic surgeons make all of their money.
It is definitely worth the effort, though. Do all you can to get back into shape, then save your money if you are not satisfied with what you can do for yourself.Health Question & Answer

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