Do you think that if overweight/fat/obese people were to eat in the would help them lose weight?!

Question: Do you think that if overweight/fat/obese people were to eat in the would help them lose weight.?
As in, if you can't see what you're eating it would force you to eat slower than being able to see it.

I got the idea from 'dinner in the dark', where waiters/waitresses use special eye goggles to allow them to see in the dark. But the 'eaters' were totally in the dark and therefore could not see anything.

We all know that if we eat slower, it fills us up quicker and allows our brains to signal when 'full'. Rather than scoffing it down quickly.

This is a light hearted question but can be viewed seriously if you think it could perhaps 'work'.

My advice would be to try it with friends, perhaps a romantic meal with your other half and see how far you get with seconds and dessert! Just make sure you're clear of near stairs...Health Question & Answer

..did you by chance.. get this idea from the CSI episode.? XDHealth Question & Answer

Just the opposite.

The is a GREAT deal of "personal satisfaction" gained from SEEING the food you eat.

One fact has surfaced through experimentation: By using smaller plates, ALL people eat less. Smaller plates hold less food but they LOOK fuller. Therefore, we THINK we are getting more to eat on a smaller plate, and thus eat less when the plates are smaller.

you can't do that in the dark.Health Question & Answer

you should be able to teach yourself to eat slower! There is no reason why they can't eat slower. also, there are many other factors why people are overweight. What triggers them to eat.? eat with smaller plates. Know portion sizes. eat breakfast, etc. Have friends that do not influence them to eat badly. and exercise. They can do all these things to lose weight.Health Question & Answer

No. That would be dangerous. They would most likely ingest something harmful thinking it was their milkshake, or crack a few teeth trying to bite down on the wood mahogany table that is holding their 30 inch grinder.Health Question & Answer

no wayHealth Question & Answer

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