I want to get really fat. What should I eat?!

Question: I want to get really fat. What should I eat.?
5 big macs for breakfast
20 large fries for lunch
10 sticks of butter for dinner.

good luck. LOLHealth Question & Answer

People who gobble down their food and eat until they feel full are three times more likely to get fat compared with people who eat slowly and modestly.

But dear remember fast is short.. If u really want to gain some mussels make it slowly

refer to this web

http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/life/2008-1...Health Question & Answer

If u want to get really fat, eat Mc Donal's dollar menu all the time. pizza, fried foods, sada's, candy. Oh and eat late, late at night. Stuff yourself to the max when eating. Eat all the time. lol If u don't get fat from that, i want to know what it is that ur doing right. lolHealth Question & Answer

No, you really don't want to. Not only is it unhealthy, but people make fun of you behind your back..and sometimes to your face.

It's difficult to move, you'll be uncomfortable most of the time, and you can't find decent clothes.

Don't even joke about this, it isn't funny to fat people like myself.Health Question & Answer

why do you want to get fat.?!.?!.?

cookout milkshakes
anything and micky d's and/or burger kinds and/or wendys lol
don't exercise
eat lard
don't be very activeHealth Question & Answer

Try and check the link below and you should find your answersHealth Question & Answer

anything and everything.
but why on earth would you want to be fat.?.?.?.? Its very unhealthy!!Health Question & Answer

pork fat
if you like Indonesian food, try Padang food. they put TONS of coconut milk and yes, its fatty
french fries
drink coke everydayHealth Question & Answer

Why on earth would you want to get really fat.?.?.?

But if you really do eat nothing but mcDonalds and chips and pizza and general crap!Health Question & Answer

talk to your doctor. gaining a large amount of weight is just as dangerous as losing a lot of weight rapidly.Health Question & Answer

pizza, pizza and pizzaHealth Question & Answer

Lard. Remember not to exercise and strap yourself to the couch.Health Question & Answer

If you really want to get fat I would suggest getting married.Health Question & Answer

everythingHealth Question & Answer

Anything your heart desires.Health Question & Answer

Lots and lots of peanut butter.Health Question & Answer

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