Help I got excess skin plz read?!

Question: Help I got excess skin plz read.?
I lost 120 lbs in 6 months i used to be 220 lbs..... when i was 16 i em now 17. I have the extra skin on my stomach and chest sort of like "man boobs".... I still look fat but im not its the excess skin

Im a male, 17 , 5"11. weight 180...... I also weight lift ive noticed it has helped stretch it back to normal..

What can i do for the chest part.?.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

there are weights for the pecs/chest. that will help and it will be clear that its muscle under the shirt and not flab. good luck. good job on loosing the weight now when you are young.

oh according to your stats that you gave, you only lost 40 lbs......Health Question & Answer

HI. there is actually a REALLY EASY way to lose inches all over your body. you can even do target areas like the abs, lower back, thighs, chin, arms, whatever. it tightens your skin and tones the areas you apply.

Check out this website:
The product is completely legit. They've been to the Emmy's and are going to the Academy Awards this year for the preshow party. Hollywood LOVES the wraps...see the pictures on the site.

To see it in action go here: .?v=0CxQqWkH7Uk" rel="nofollow">

you can email me for more info if you want. i've used the wraps and their other products like strechmark cream...all of it works and it's all natural, herbal remedies! :) i'm so happy and inspired im telling everyone!

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