How come if one doesn't eat for 3 hours or so during the day they are hungry? but when...?!

Question: How come if one doesn't eat for 3 hours or so during the day they are hungry.? but when....?
but after dinner when one eats at 6pm or so ....they may not go to bed until 12am but still do not feel hungry.?Health Question & Answer

Usually after dinner your not using as much energy as you did during the day. Plus we tend to eat more at dinner time, like those dishes that include, meat, and a few sides plus some bread and juice. But during the day, we grab a sandwich and a drink. I think its a combination of both. but don't try to increase your lunch thinking it will make you less hungry becuz you'll still use more energy during the day. Plus our bodies have been trained or shld I say conditioned to slow down after dinner when we know bed time is shortly coming up.Health Question & Answer

Because after dinner, people tend to not move around a lot, so their bodies aren't using as much energy. Usually after breakfast and lunch, people still move around, burning up the calories from the food they had. When you get hungry, it's your body's way of telling you that you're running low on energy.Health Question & Answer

your question isnt too accurate. And the answer depends on how much fiber the food the people eat containHealth Question & Answer

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