Why is there cottin in the tops of pill bottles?!

Question: Why is there cottin in the tops of pill bottles.?
I got a bottle of acai berry supplements (please don't answer if you're just going to tell me how smart/stupid I am for getting them) and there was a wad of cotton wool in the top. Why.?Health Question & Answer

The cotton fills the bottle so the pills or capsules do not shake around during shipping and handling, and break. More likely, uncoated pills could grind against each other, leaving you with a bottle of powder.Health Question & Answer

To keep them fresh and unstuck.

? ? Inez/Inescia ? ?Health Question & Answer

Cotton can absorb moisture that may degrade the pills, and it keeps them from slamming around in the bottle in shipment.Health Question & Answer

to keep the moisture in it so the pills wont blend in together/stick togetherHealth Question & Answer

I think its to keep the pills fresh.Health Question & Answer

Ask Andy RooneyHealth Question & Answer

dunnoHealth Question & Answer

helps keep them fresh and dry and from banging around. some pills are not to be taken brokenHealth Question & Answer

so they dont break in the process of transporting themHealth Question & Answer

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