I am 5'11 148 lbs. what position for football?!

Question: I am 5'11 148 lbs. what position for football.?
I am really built and i have almost no fat. I am above average for speed. I bench 140 and squat 255 and i keep getting stronger. What position for football should I do.?Health Question & Answer

Denfesive EndHealth Question & Answer

Running Back.Health Question & Answer

The guys up there.^^^
I should be a comedian!
I'm so cool.
Running Back.
I don't even know what that means!
I'm so funny.
No, hilarious!
But seriously, play Running Back.
Whatever that is.Health Question & Answer

you need to bulk up first--you weigh 148 lbs and sound strong but the question is - can you take a hit.?.? start with some bulk powders and continue working out,you'll get bigger and stronger and possibly be able to take a hit good luckHealth Question & Answer

Something with running...Running back, wide receiver. Annd if you dont like running much like me Kicker or punter...if I were to play football those would be my positions. Hehe:)
Good Luck!!!!!!!<33Health Question & Answer

Waterboy ...Health Question & Answer

OR WIDE RECIVER.?Health Question & Answer

Are you in high school.?

LB....Health Question & Answer

running back.Health Question & Answer

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