What do you think is the healthiest junk food?!

Question: What do you think is the healthiest junk food.?
and why.?Health Question & Answer

I like the baked chips and popcorn ideas, but I would have to say "lots of fruit." Lots of anything isn't good for you, but at least it's natural, comes with fiber, antioxidants, and a host of other nutrients! :)Health Question & Answer

I went shopping with my friend and in her car she had a bag of small carrots for us to nibble. What a smart lady!
When we had lunch ar Panera, I was asked chips or an apple.?
What a blessing to have a sensible choice and a smart friend.
My question is , since you don't have a friend like mine, why eat junk food.?
Eat carrots, apples, chop celery you spend calories chewing it I'm told.
Just make sure to eat breakfast. Never got without it.
No time.? Baloney! Oh, don't eat baloney. Boil some eggs and have them ready to grab in the morning, eggs and apple, some raisins. You're good/
Find a meal bar to substitute for high calorie lunch.
Pick a day and eat only raw fruit and veggies , no breads, no cookies, cakes, meats, potatoes. One day a week. That is what I'm going to do. I'm not smoking and have to watch.Health Question & Answer

There's a new type of chip/crisp available at the moment which has 90% less saturated fat. Baked things are better than fried.

I think popcorn is the healthiest junk food. because it's damn tasty, but also has fibre and it wont make you feel too heavy.Health Question & Answer

jello, if you count it as junk,
i heard that chocolate is good for you and your teeth because it dissolves and it doesnt get stuck on your teeth plus dark choclate i heard can be good for the heartHealth Question & Answer


Loads of good things in them!

Yet the majority of places that sells them douses them in salt. Yick.Health Question & Answer

eat peanuts every dayHealth Question & Answer

Pop corn.. Low calories, has some protein, technically a vegetable, naturally low fat, good for you (as long as you leave off the butter and salt).Health Question & Answer

Banana and peanut butter sandwich.Health Question & Answer

pop corn
sugar free jelly
apple crisps
baked chips
dark chocolate (in moderation)

hope i helped :)Health Question & Answer

Baked chips......because they are baked lolHealth Question & Answer

hot dogsHealth Question & Answer

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