How can I get rid of the "Jelly" under my arms?!

Question: How can I get rid of the "Jelly" under my arms.?
I am only 14 and Dance!!Health Question & Answer

The best way to rid yourself of the "jelly" is to regularly do tricep exercises in order to tone the muscle that you think is jelly. If you don't have weights at home and don't go to a gym. (I'm assuming because you are 14) then you can do this exercise:
(you can do this on a chair if you don't have a bench.)
You should not put your legs on a bench when you are just begining this exercise (that is for when you are really, really toned.) Nor do you need to have a weight in your lap.
The first time you try this exercise, don't do anymore than 5 of them, and wait to see how your arms feel the next day. If they don't hurt much, then you can increase the number. Do the exercise every second day and within a month, you see a difference.
Good luck!Health Question & Answer

Saunas or hot steamy baths with a can of beans in each hand and lift,lift,lift!!Massage in those areas everyday too and it will soon burn off.Health Question & Answer

lift weights.
the jelly will turn into muscle!
:DDDHealth Question & Answer

lift weights, is all i can tell you:)Health Question & Answer

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