How to make an ear ache go away?!

Question: How to make an ear ache go away.?
I'm just getting over a pretty bad cold and I cannot breathe through my nose. Whenever I get colds like this with stuffy sinuses one or both of my ears plug up so I can't hear out of them and they hurt and make a ringing sound. How do I make this go away.? I usually just wait it out but it's really bothering me.Health Question & Answer

This is what I do...

1) I get a washcloth.
2) I run under warm water (NOT really HOT water mind you)
3) I tilt my head to the side so that the ear that is hurting is facing the floor (that way no water will drip into your ear...)
4) Press the warm washcloth over your ear completely and hold it there until it feels cool.
5) Run it under warm water again and repeat the steps about 5-10 times.

Tips: I never use ear drops when I have a bad ear ache unless a doc says so, usually makes my ache worse. I NEVER use Q-Tips in my ear ever...that can damage the eardrum if you put it past the outside of the canal...

Call your doc in the morning if the ache isn't gone. Maybe you need an oral antibiotic.

Feel better soon hun!Health Question & Answer

Personal experience with chronic ear infectionsHealth Question & Answer

if anyone tells you to hold your nose and blow or something to that effect DONT DO IT
when you have a cold, thats how you burst ear drums.

you can try eucalyptus oil.
a hot shower also helps.

you might also want to start taking a form of anti histamine to clear up the mucus, and the source of the problems.

good luck.Health Question & Answer

Squeeze your nose, and blow.
But not too hard.
It pops your ears, and makes that plug feeling go away.
also, stuff cotton in your ears, or ear plugs.


That will help.Health Question & Answer

there's a lot of possibilities...

you may have an ear infection.

but i don't recommend asking this type of question on the internet.

please go see your doctor.Health Question & Answer

try sudafed and if not better in three days see a doctor !Health Question & Answer

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