Its now 8:00pm do you find it too early to go to sleep?!

Question: Its now 8:00pm do you find it too early to go to sleep.?
Much too early for me anyway. After midnight is still too early!Health Question & Answer

Me, personally, yes, 8pm is too early. Because I sleep in on Saturdays. Even when I get up at 6:45am during the work week, I am never in bed before 11pm, and usually not until 1am.

But if you have to get up at 4 or 5am, then, no, 8pm is not too early.Health Question & Answer

I agree with the first answer anytime is nice to sleep but I think 8pm too early to go to bed.I have a sleeping problem Im lucky if I get in bed by 12am.Health Question & Answer

MEHealth Question & Answer

It is awsome time if you get up at night later. Then you go to sleep and you can dream sex! Don't forget the alarm clock!Health Question & Answer

Uh yeah! Unless you have to get up a the crack of dawn and go make biscuits somewhere. LOL!Health Question & Answer

nope any time is a nice time to sleep if you canHealth Question & Answer

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