My stomachs been hurting bad?! 10 points best answer!?!

Question: My stomachs been hurting bad.?! 10 points best answer!.?
It's throbbing/hurting really bad. Almost like, bad period cramps.
I just had dinner before this happened, I didn't even finish it,
i took one bite and my stomach started aching badly.

It's going on and off. I couldn't even continue blowdrying my hair!

It's not hurting right now, but it keeps coming back after about 2 minutes. what's wrong.? =[Health Question & Answer


if you have powerade or gatorade at home, have like a tiny sip...
also, go and eat a banana - the potassium in the banana will sooth your stomach

if you can - make some hot tea - do not consume anything with dairy based substances, so, dont put milk in your tea...

now... lay down on the floor (back touching the ground) and fully stretch your body... like...try to reach out with your legs and arms as much as you can...stretch like one person is on one side pulling your arms and another person is on the other side fulling your feet...

trust me... this will make it better...

--> if you dont know whats causing it.. look back at what you have eaten in the past day or week... do your friends have any colds.?.?.?

after all this ...go and take a panadol or neurophin and lay down...not on your tummy... :) Read a book bc it might get a little boring

hope i helped ! :)Health Question & Answer

ive had bad stomach aches before - and these methods always work for me :DHealth Question & Answer


so jokes. dont call 911. i am one of those few lucky 16 year olds who dont get period cramps... so i dont really know what this sensation is like :/ well... i could be right on the spline thing.. maybe a ruptured ovary.? i thought I had one. OOH my friend once had a sist on her ovary, ouchies. just go ask your mom. she probably knows best.

sorry i didnt help much :(Health Question & Answer

same exact thing happened to me before. everyone thought it was appendicitis but that wouldnt only be the case if you had back pains too i think. the doctor told me it was probably an ovarian cyst. i think she told me to just wait it out. but the pains lasted about a week and they were terrible.Health Question & Answer

What did you eat today.? Have you eaten anything new.? Tried something out that you hadn't had before.?Health Question & Answer

if its like a piercing pinching pain it might havr something to do with your appendixHealth Question & Answer

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