How do i keep from throwing up?!

Question: How do i keep from throwing up.?
I had a rough night last night.
Had a hangover all day.
Dont judge i just really need adviceHealth Question & Answer

Stop drinking you dingle berryHealth Question & Answer

Take sips of fluid no guzzling. When you keep that down then work on plain foods, crackers, broth, bananas are really good and once you have something on your stomach take some advil. From now on when you drink like that when you get home take tylenol with 8 oz of water before you go to bed. And try not to drink that muchHealth Question & Answer

Saltine crackers and ginger ale or Sprite - sip it, don't gulp - Take a Tylenol when you can keep it down -- and give up the binge drinking -- it can't be worth it !!!!Health Question & Answer

Eat a bacon grease sandwich on rye served in a dirty ashtray, trust me it works every time.Health Question & Answer

rolaids. they taste like chalk but are great for getting rid of nausea. u can find the little white bottle witha blue cap in drug stores and grocery stores.Health Question & Answer

Its better to throw up all that **** later drink orange juice and for hell's sake forget the booze !Health Question & Answer

You need to put your finger down your throat to stop the gag reflexHealth Question & Answer

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