Could my ankle be broken? Details?!

Question: Could my ankle be broken.? Details.?
I twisted my ankle on Thursday while going downstairs. I iced my ankle and I wrapped it up with and ace bandage. It is still swollen and it is red and starting to discolor a little bit. The swelling hasn't gone down at all. It seems to have gotten more swollen than it was. I called my orthopedic doctor on Friday but he never called back and he won't be in his office until Tuesday. I plan on going to see him on Tuesday to get checked out. It's driving me crazy not knowing what could be wrong with it though.

It still feels numb and at times it is tingly. It kills when I touch it. However, I can walk on it. The pain was going up to my knee before but that has eased down a little. I did take Tylenol to help with the pain but it hasn't helped at all. On a scale of one to ten the pain is 7.5.

Any help will be much appreciated!

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It most likely is just a sprain because it doesn't appear broken as the first answerer had stated. But you should still follow up with getting it checked out by your doctor because it could be broken. My mom had something similar with her foot. She fell and my father told her years ago that it was just a sprain because her foot didn't appear broken or out of place in anyway. She went to the doctor and had x-rays done and it turned out that she had broken her foot in three places. However, like you, she too could walk but with pain. So yes it could be broken but it doesn't appear to be. Feel better!Health Question & Answer

My mom's foot.Health Question & Answer

It appears to be okay. You might have fractured it, but you can still support yourself by walking, so it cannot be broken. However, it could be a bad sprain, with a fracture. Stay off of it for a few days, and be sure to go to a doctor.Health Question & Answer

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It doesn't appear to be broken, and you are taking very good care of it. :)

However, it could very well be broken. Or it could be a sprain. Only your doctor could really tell. I hope you start to feel better soon, however. Just stay off of it as much as possible.Health Question & Answer

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