Difficulty breathing?!

Question: Difficulty breathing.?
I have my humidifier on and I have some Vics but I'm still having trouble breathing. It feels like there is drainage in my throat and I have been swollowing some drainage. Is there anything I can do or go get.? I'm also having a lot of anxiety right now.Health Question & Answer

Don't worry, you have to try and relax. Maybe yoga or pilates can help ease your mind. There is also a natural supplement that can help to. Look up my source.Health Question & Answer

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drink a lot of water (not a lot at one time, but you know what i mean) you're not going to die. see a doctor, he might give you an inhaler or something.Health Question & Answer

Im sure thats it
Go to a doctor and ask him to check if you would be able to take asthma inhalers.

Good luck
-xoHealth Question & Answer

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