Tiny cut near my cuticle - how to stop it stinging like hell :'-(?!

Question: Tiny cut near my cuticle - how to stop it stinging like hell :'-(.?
It's really painful and it hurts to type but I have to do my coursework :'( what should I do.?.?.? I have a plaster on it but it still hurts.Health Question & Answer

Yeah, well it happened the other day, I used soap (it might hurt more but it did the job) with plenty of water. It might sound silly but suck on it! Saliva contains a protein called Histatin can induce and quicken healing.
Try honey or a touch of olive oil.

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A little bit of first aid cream or ointment and a band aid. If you remove the outside air to it, it will stop stinging. As a dog would lick their injuries, they are keeping it moist, they are keeping air from getting to it, and yes they have a enzyme in Their saliva.Health Question & Answer

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