Alcohol poisoning question?!

Question: Alcohol poisoning question.?
So I thought that people often threw up when they were drunk, but I was watching the ER finale the other day, and they were talking about throwing up as being basically the final precursor to the very serious aspects of alcohol poisoning. Maybe I was just misinterpreting it, but it definitely seemed like throwing up was one of the first symptoms that indicated the drinker needed medical attention.

So if you were drunk enough to throw up, does that mean that you have alcohol poisoning.?

If not, then how many drinks away from alcohol poisoning would you be.?

What if you were severely dizzy, unable to walk, and throwing up, but you weren't having uneven breathing or falling unconscious.?

thanks for the help &sorry I asked a bunch of different questions :)

and don't worry, I don't drink, but I was at a party a couple nights ago and saw my friends get way wasted. I'm trying to figure out when it's an emergency and when its not.Health Question & Answer

Throwing up after you've been drinking is a symptom of alcohol poisoning, yes, and a serious one - but not everyone who throws up is suffering from alcohol poisoning. Think of it this way: Headaches are a symptom of a brain tumor. Does everyone who has a headache have a brain tumor.? No way!

The vomiting that comes with alcohol poisoning can be a very serious problem, because alcohol depresses your body functions. This can impair your gag reflex, and the vomit may choke the airway or be inhaled into the lungs (this is called aspiration, by the way). So yes, it CAN be a serious problem - but just vomiting by itself isn't necessarily a sign of alcohol poisoning.

There is no way to tell how far away from alcohol poisoning you are, at any point. The amount of alcohol it takes varies from person to person and depends on lots of factors, including the amount and type of alcohol, the time it took to consume, the person's, weight, his or her medical history, and metabolism.

It is very difficult to know when drinking crosses the line to alcohol poisoning. Confusion, dizziness, vomiting, seizures, slow or irregular breathing, blue tinged lips and/or fingernail beds (called cyanosis), and unconsciousness are all signs of alcohol poisoning - but a person suffering from it can still not show any of these signs!

The bottom line is, you can't really tell from a person's symptoms. If you suspect alcohol poisoning, it is better to be safe and get the person to the hospital. If they are unconscious, have slow or irregular breathing, or have seizures, then you should call 911 immediately.Health Question & Answer

ooh no throwing up when drinking happens to everyone at some point, it is not alcohol poisioning it's just the bodies way of saying- right stop now please.
however, you shouldn't drink to that extent much.
It is an emergency if they pass out and you cant wake them.Health Question & Answer

**** no, alcohol poisoning is when u get so **** faced that u black out and have to go to the hospital and get ur stomach pumped

its only an emergency when the person cant move/passed out

ahmanda below me doesnt know anything................u can throw up if uve drank too much MILK...would that be considered milk!Health Question & Answer

shitloads get ERR'D in my school lolHealth Question & Answer

Yes throwing up is a sign of alcohol poisoning. Even if you stop drinking your blood alcohol level still rises because its still being filtered by the stomach into the bloodstream. Throwing up is your body trying to get rid of the excess alcohol, that hasn't been processed because its already on an overload.

Others signs include lowered body temperature, blacking out, seizures, irregular breathing and pulse, altered mental state, and blacking out.

Its an emergency if the throwing up continues because of dehydration, or any of the other signs listed above. IF ANY OF THE OTHERS SIGNS ARE PRESENT, DO NOT WAIT. Have that person go immediately to an emergency room.

How many drinks you have depend on your body weight and past drinking experience. A lighter person would have to drink less than a heavier person, but if the lighter person drinks more normally than they may be able to handle more alcohol.Health Question & Answer

I'm a medical assistant.Health Question & Answer

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