I'm so depressed please help me!?!

Question: I'm so depressed please help me!.?
i'm getting suicidal again. i cant live like this. i tried getting out there and meeting more ppl but my social anxiety is so bad. now i feel worse. i dont want my parents or friends to be disappointed so i dont want to tell them, i feel so selfish. i really feel like i'm in a nightmare all the time.Health Question & Answer

whats your problem.? that might help me help u...
-Distract yourself
-bake some cookies and eat them
-get a puppy (they make anyone happy)
-have fun with friends
-read... (twilight, harry potter)
-start fresh (join clubs!)
-Watch t.v. shows ( Wizards of Waverly Place, Sonny with a Chance, Hannah Montana... depends on your age group)
-Take a bath or walk... it might relax you
you only get one chance to live this life... so dont finish it!
Live it good
Talk to your sister about it...
I really want to help...Health Question & Answer

Oh and please chose me as best answer... i put alot of time and effort to help. ;)Health Question & Answer

Take it easy, calm down and take your time to look deeply in your inside.

What has happened in the past thirty years that has caused us to become such a nation of stressed out individuals.? Is society expecting too much from us or are we expecting too much from ourselves.? Why are so many people suffering from the following:

? Anxiety disorder
? Social anxiety disorder
? Obsessive compulsive disorder
? Anorexia Nervosa
? Depression
? Panic attacks

Years ago, no one ever even heard of these conditions, now they are featured in every magazine you encounter. There is a huge market to treat both depression and anxiety, which usually go hand in hand and are the offspring of stress.

Pharmaceutical companies are cranking out different anti-depressants all of the time. These are said to be

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