How do I control my rage?!

Question: How do I control my rage.?
I get enraged or annoyed (and it's not PMS, lol!) to a point where I'm fuming and am ready to beat someones @ss.

Over stupid, little things.

What are some methods I can use to not get so mad or irritated.?

Btw, please don't saw Anger Management. There is nothing like that around my town so you will just be wasting my time.

Thanks. =DHealth Question & Answer

Don't go popping pills for this problem you can solve it through dedication and the right technique. You have to refocus your mind when you get mad. If someone upsets the very first thing i want you to do is think about how your going to respond. Don't respond first without thinking... think think think first.and say something constructive like "Ok, you upset me but I am not going to let it ruin my day. I choose to be happy and forgive you."

Allot of problems are caused by lack of forgiveness. Forgiveness means "to loose". Forgiveness has theraputic benefits because your letting go of bitterness and letting grace take over. Grace is passing over someones fault by giving them mercy and forgiving. Not forgiving someone causes all kinds of mental torment and rage. So please for the benefit of everyone forgive those who wronged you YOU WONT REGRET IT =). also don't sweat the little stuff. Adopt the idea of treating others the way you would want to be treated. If you adopt that alone and take the time to think before you respond and say "Hmm would i like being yelled at.?" then you might think twice about responding with anger. But i think with God's grace and help you can conquer your rage i have high hopes for you. God blessHealth Question & Answer

loveHealth Question & Answer

I used to be like that, till I learned that my brother killed someone and his choice landed him behind bars-where unfortunately he died. So, if you can't control yourself-someone eventually will. So I realized it wasnt' worth it.

Yes, therapy will work-because you could talk with someone who would listen to your specific issue and give you pointers and choices. also, if you may been medication-they would get your doctor to help you with that. I'm sure that you should have a mental health facility in a nearby city or town.Health Question & Answer

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