Bipolar/Depression/Psycho... treatment and weight gain?!

Question: Bipolar/Depression/Psychosis treatment and weight gain.?
I am seeing the doctor on Monday for what I believe is going to be diagnosed as bipolar disorder, depression, or psychosis. I've been doing a lot of reading about the medications used to treat these illnesses and they all talk about weight gain. I'm freaked out by this, so much that I'm thinking of not going to the doctor at all. Isn't there another way to treat my awful mental problems without gaining weight.?!Health Question & Answer

some of these do cause weight gain. not all.
my anti-depressive drug made me LOSE 45 pounds in 2 months. seriously.

talk to your doc about this fear - he or she does have several drugs to choose from.Health Question & Answer

hi =]

i'm being treated for psychosis at the moment and was also worried about weight gain (i am on zyprexa/olanzapine).

however, i have been told that although you will put on weight on this type of medication, it is inevitable, in time it will equal out. this is especially true if you watch what you eat and maintain a healthy diet and exercise appropriately.

in terms of another way to treat your "awful mental problems", you could try therapy like cbt, although with these sorts of problems there is often a chemical inbalance that needs to be treated, especially with bipolar, and this is why medication is useful because it can make you feel better. you could try the medication and see how you feel and run it along with therapy so that you recover as quick as possible.

good luck with treatment, you can email me if you like. =] x

(EDIT: as 'perfection' said, antipsychotics are the worst ones for weight gain. if you just have depression then i wouldn't worry too much - i've been on antidepressants before and i didn't gain any weight.Health Question & Answer

experienceHealth Question & Answer

like most answers alreay said, worry about your mental health first and foremost, then take it from there. im gonna give you the experience of my 17 yr old son who has been diagnosed with ADD,DEPRESSION & BI-POLAR. he recently was changed from his add meds cuz of weight gain, but it hasn't had any effect yet. he is gaining alot of weight (that does not mean you will). he is very inactive and uses food for comfort. he just recently started seeing a therapist again, which he was very hesitant at first, but comes out of each session very happy.on our next appt. w/the doctor, im gonna point out the concern of his continuous weight gain. i, also take meds or adhd and took me several different depression meds to work, some did mke me gain weight, however the one im on now is just the right one i believe and have been on it for almost 2 ys. i have not gained any weight, but i do watch what i eat and am very active. best of luck to YOU!!!!!Health Question & Answer

PER.EXP.Health Question & Answer

Hi there, I can understand why you'd be worried about gaining a lot of weight on these meds. But it doesn't mean you necessarily will do, and you might not even be prescribed anything like anti psychotics (which are the worst culprits for weight gain I believe). Talk to your doctor about it.Health Question & Answer

Thee same thing happened to me - it's a total vicious cycle. As far as I know, no. Just be prepared and have an exercise routine lined up (make sure it is checked by a doctor first).Health Question & Answer

get well first, worry about your looks laterHealth Question & Answer


I have looked at your past question and the reason you feel you have bipolar is because you feel happy in the morning, irritated in the afternoon and sad/depressed in the evening and you feel this is the rapid cycle of mood changes in bipolar.
It is not, this is normal mood swings which most people get when they are tired or stressed.
Bipolar mood changes don't happen daily then can last days or weeks.
I was assessed for bipolar because i was in such a happy place then a few days later i would be so low that i ran away from work and was sat in the middle of nowhere trying to kill myself then a few days later i was fine as if nothing had even happened. I was not bipolar with those symptoms.
I did however get told i was in a psychotic state and it was awful, i had an 'evil spirit' following me, i was not there when people spoke to me, it took a few minutes for any information to register in my brain! even someone saying hello it took me 5 minutes for me to say hello back. I sat in a dark room rocking and pulling my hair out.

So from the information you have stated i think it is highly unlikely they will diagnose you with bipolar or psychosis. If you were any of those then people around you would already be trying to get you help because at the time of my assessment i didn't think anything was wrong with me, it was work friends and family who called the doctor.

You may be diagnosed with depression and may be put on medication to keep your mood swings stable but it is up to you whether you take them or not. The only simple way to cure this is to eat the right foods and maybe do light exercise in the afternoon to boost your moods before you get depressed in the evening.Health Question & Answer

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