Is this normal for OCD people....?!

Question: Is this normal for OCD people.....?
I'm 16 and OCD, and I've always been obsessive over crushes. I can't help it I just do... And I know it's not a good thing. My ex crush HATES HATES HATES me now because of it, and it annoys my current do I not be so obsessive.? And is it normal to be this way.?Health Question & Answer

People with OCD tend to be deeply emotional. I've had OCD for as long as I can remember, but I wouldn't say that I obsessively annoy my crushes and I am not sure that such behavior is typical amongst people with OCD. But, your obsessions can center around anything, so I would say that it's likely that OCD is your problem assuming that NOT obsessing over them gives you that intense feeling of discomfort (you know what I mean). Because your obsessions involve others, you absolutely must learn to ignore them. I'm not saying you cannot have crushes; everyone has them. But, try being more respectful of their personal space and if they request that you leave them alone, DO IT. The only way to get over your obsessions is to ignore them, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you, and over time they will become less intense. Seek therapy as well.Health Question & Answer

all these people are idiots. OCD is not a bunch of set 'symptoms', and effects people in different ways. this could easily be something to do with OCD. if you have a counceller you could talk to them and they could help you get over this.Health Question & Answer

Sorry, but obsessing over crushes is definitely not ocd. That being said, you just need to wait things out....the heart is not easy to control.Health Question & Answer

That doesn't really sound like OCD. More like just strong infatuation. Maybe as you get older this will fade. Obsessing over a crush doesn't get you anywhere.Health Question & Answer

That's not OCD, that's just being creepy. But you will grow out of it (eventually & hopefully).Health Question & Answer

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