Suicide - What more can I do to help myself?!

Question: Suicide - What more can I do to help myself.?
Okay, so basically I've been on Y!A a lot and finding out different ways to TRY not to kill myself, or may I admit, try everything to make it look like I'v wanted to live.

I've confided in my best friend of 15 years about wanting to kill myself, which ultimately lead to him not being able to enjoy his life knowing the difficulties in mine and we're not friends any more (According to him I over burdened him)

I've left home because my life there was terrible and a trouble to my health, physically and mentally but I'm not much happier in my new house and whenever my parents call its just arguement after arguement.

I left school (well I finished school, I didn't drop out) hoping that I'd be happier in college, instead I'm more isolated in college and don't talk to anyone.

I'v gone to a counselor to try to make me feel better but its boring and just a chore now, I feel I'm not getting any benefit out of it.

I'v called suicide hotlines to prevent me from going over the edge but I find them useless

I'v gone to both doctors and psychiatrists and I'm on meds to try to make me feel better, but, yeah, you guessed it, that didn't work either.

Im chronically depressed and 12months ago hoped that maybe if I took one step I could at least say I'v tried, but I'v kept putting it off hoping that it might get better but it doesn't, it just gets worse. Im at a huge crossroads right now and I'm not alive for me anymore cos I dont want to be, Im alive for the ******** who won't realise how important I am til Im gone to prevent the whole aftermath stuff, but everytime I try to hold onto it, the people who are supposed to love me the most (my parents) just argue with me and pressure with important matters in life when my mental health seems most important in the present day

What do I do now.? I'v gone through everything that I can possibly imagine but to no avail. I have a load of alcohol and meds in my kitchen so if I ever feel the need then thats it. I think I'v hit the end, at least I can say I tried.?

I can't find anything to postpone my suicide or keep me occupied or content, I think depression has gotten the better of me...Health Question & Answer

Ok try this, If you have a bad diet, eat healthy things, research on the internet on healthy food that give you evergy. In college, build up the courage to atleast smile at someone and carry on from there, try and keep yourself busy, start a new hobbie such as photgraphy, or a sport of somekind.Go for long walks to organise your throughts. Visit your parents and have a civilised conversation with them about how your feeling.

Hope this helped in someway or another.
Best of luck. xxxHealth Question & Answer

Henna's own little brain ( Henna be me)Health Question & Answer

Do not hurt yourself !

Can you get medicine for your depression.?
Go out and do something fun. If you have any money buy yourself something ! lol.
Good Luck (:Health Question & Answer

Wow you've really been through it but obviously have a lot to give in that you write so lucidly and at some length about your feelings and experiences.

We've all been designed and created by God to have a relationship with him so if he gets left out we naturally feel empty. The bottom line is he loves you, more than you can imagine.Health Question & Answer

Go to The Amen clinics find a clinic near you.

or do the next thing
read Change your brain change your life
by Danial G Amen (I think thats how u spell it)

In this break through best seller youll see that your scietific evidence that your anxiety,depression,obsesiveness could be related to how specific structures in your brain work.Your not stuck with the brain your born with.Health Question & Answer

I read itHealth Question & Answer

go a head try and kill 2 urself
if u want to die u you wont be here b1tching about how much ur life sucks

everyone has problems, and if u cant manage to suck it up - maybe u shouldn't live then

unlike u my friend just did it - without biching and complaining like u

im sorry why i so mean, but thats my FU*** UP LIFE
every day it eats at u asking urself why.?.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

2 friends died 1 week b4 my 16th birthday
hope ur happy with bring up my bad memories
wow i need helpHealth Question & Answer

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