What happens if you forget to take Zoloft?!

Question: What happens if you forget to take Zoloft.?
I'm talking about personally...what happens to you when you miss a dose.? I know I get very fatigued and just...weird.Health Question & Answer

Don't forget to take it...trust me. I missed it regularly and it totally threw me off. It made me so tired i couldn't do anything, and in addition, the medication wasn't able to work like it was supposed to. My doctor's advice: Take your zoloft every day at the same time in order for the medication to work effectively. Otherwise, all zoloft will do for you is make you tired.Health Question & Answer

If you forget one dose it shouldn't be a big deal, and I doubt you'd notice much difference if any.

It takes antidepressants several weeks to reach their full effective level, and missing one day won't change it.Health Question & Answer

I take generic Wellbutrin SR (150 mg) in the morning, and Lexapro (10 mg) with dinner, for depression and anxiety. I've been taking that for over two years, and it's working very well for me.Health Question & Answer

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