Im 12 years old and actually feel like killing myself?!

Question: Im 12 years old and actually feel like killing myself.?
Everybody in my family hates me. Including my parents. I started to cut at first but its getting worse.. I feel like I should kill myself
This is pretty much what started it all

I run out of my house screaming. I hate my life, hate my mom, my brother. I could go on about what I hate. Though as I run away from the house, I feel angry. Am I wanted here.? I
andijexo is right. Talk to someone in real life about this because cold words on a computer screen is an uncomforting poor substitute for the real life hugs and love and care you need and can get from someone you trust who you can talk to face to face.
Be strong and take that step to open up and get help. Good luck
If you feel unable to do that for any reason do you have a number you know of (or can anyone else supply one like your school counsellor or anyone on here) that you can ring where you can offload your problems on to and get advice. Here in Britain we have an organisation called childline that helps with any problems great and small.
I'll be praying for youHealth Question & Answer

Summarize that massive piece of text for us and we might be able to help.Health Question & Answer

yug is a b*tchHealth Question & Answer Question & Answer

Talk to a teacher, school counselor, friends parent, cop, fireman, EMT or even the freaking lunch lady at school. No one should feel this bad at 12. Please get some help, you don't have to feel this way.

Suicide: A permanent solution to a temporary problem.Health Question & Answer

Yug: For a top contributor that was rude. Did you read she was 12 years old.?


First off if your parents treat you that way, I understand why you are cutting. She should be reported. Apparently your mother has issues and needs help.

You are a child and no matter what you have done, parents should never treat their children the way you have described.

Your are hurting and need counseling. Have you tried talking to a school counselor, you need to start somewhere. Yes they will help you.

Seek some help quick. Do not let them win by self inflicting to release your emotions. You will end up like me, with many scars that you have to hide. I know it is easy to go that route, but later in your life you will wish you had found another way to deal with it.

Hang in there sweetie.Health Question & Answer

you need to socialize with people who have same problem as you. go to this web site:
they have lots of chatrooms. for exa: for people who cut themselves, people who have eating disorder...
and don't worry, you're a smart person, in a few years you can leave that house.Health Question & Answer

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