What is wrong with me, please answer...i need answers...?!

Question: What is wrong with me, please answer...i need answers....?
Um, i'm going to be 13 in a few months.
I think I'm bipolar or something... my mom has it & my whole family(2 brothers, ma, and dad) have anger-management.
i :
- always need a drink, my mouth gets dried easily.
- sleep for 6-7 hours a night, even on the weekends.
- my mood changes in a blink of an eye.
- i've cut my wrists before.
- i think deeply about the stupidest stuff.
- i have had suicide thoughts, although i overcome those thoughts and would never actually do it... it just comes to mind.
- i'm good at hiding my feelings.
- i can't breathe. i get heartburn alot.
- i think negatively about myself... (i'm 4' 9, i weigh 96 pounds. i think i'm fat.)
- i tried changing, i just can't.
- i think my family hates me...
(oh and what should i do... i love my friends and the school i go to...i live with my dad, because my parents are divorced, but i want to move so bad. my dad is always with his drug-addict friends. i suspect him of being one too. he treats me horribly... not abuse. but word abuse. he makes me want to go die. should i move with my mom.? even though her neighborhood fxcking sucks, the school has barely any education.?)
- also, i'm very lazy.
- if one thing is said wrong, i can go crazy.
- i'm as happy as ever one second, and then i'll get all mad or sad.
- i feel forgotton, and that i'm loosing all of my friends...

help. i need answers.
-i'm not going to conselors, doctors, or professionals. i can't explain things to people when i'm under pressure. & plus, they wouldn't understand.
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You really should see a doctor. Seriously, you are not the only one who feels this way. It's actually more common than you think. You probably could use a mood stabilizer. I used to feel a lot like that. I was put on Prozac (yeah, it was a while ago) and I started to feel better. I think what helped me was focusing on the positive things. Instead of seeing the negative aspect of everything you should try to find a positive in every situation. For example: my car was broken into a while back and my stereo was stolen. I was upset until I realized I'd be a getting a newer better one to replace it and my insurance was picking up the tab. I had a cancer scare when I was in high school and it really taught me to enjoy life. It was a horrible thing to go through, but I'm alive and healthy enough to run, jump and play. I worked in the cancer center at a hospital, and these amazing people are dying and can't even enjoy the warmth of the sun on their skin, yet they have better attitudes than almost anyone I know. I hate to sound cliche, but you should really be grateful for your health. I know it's hard, but try to change your attitude. Don't feel alone. Meet people. Half your problem is psychological, and you can work on that yourself. You just have to WANT to enjoy life. Find inspiration somewhere. Get a guitar and learn to play. That will give you something better to think about, and maybe you can use all these feelings and emotions to write songs. Turn your negatives into positives. Believe in yourself. You can totally get through this. I believe in you and I don't even know you. Oh, and you're not even close to fat! Good luck.Health Question & Answer

Hey this is to that dick that said emo!! Dillon O, Who r u to judge.? u dont even know this person and u r making judgements. R u retarted.? u need to grow up, emo is a type of music not a person dick weed. Go **** ur mom, and leave this kid alone!Health Question & Answer

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Just talk to trusted friends. I pretty much had(have) a similar list of problems. I never did talk to friends about it. I dealt with it on my own. Not the best idea. Anyway, your friends, true friends, can understand you better than any other person on this planet. Sometimes, even talking with a stranger willing to listen would be the best thing. Trust me, when you know that others cannot understand you, that is not true. You just make the situation into something that not even you can understand.

You have no reason to trust me, or to even listen to what I say, but i hope you do. I have seen people suffer for their own stupidity, and for that of others. I have seen the concern on others from stuff like this, and I have seen what it does. I woudl hate to know that someone else is experiencing it.

I am 17, btw. i have dealt with this in just the past year.Health Question & Answer

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