What's wrong with cutting?!

Question: What's wrong with cutting.?
I feel that I have very few people that really care for me.
My boyfriend is great and he is the only other human that I feel I can actually relate to.
My friends all seem to be a faked interaction to me.
I do not feel as connected to them as they do each other. They seem to treat me with the same connection, however I am incapable of feeling it.

I have manic depression/bipolar
I am agoraphobic
I am mistrusting of many people because my best friend, whom I thought I trusted, got me arrested a long time ago.
I think of suicide nearly each day
I feel as if I do not have a true personality because I have to fake nearly all social interaction.
I get panic attacks
I am failing school because my stress is impeding my memory and work ethic.

If I cut, things seem better. Only for a moment until the realization that I will get caught and I will get yelled at and I will make people feel bad.

What should I do.?
Why is cutting so bad.?
I'm not an emo, I detest those whiny bastarrds which is why I was hesitant to post this.
But I'm stuck. I don't know what to do anymore.

Anyone.?Health Question & Answer

I started cutting when I was 10 and went to several mental hospitals...multiple times. I just stopped cutting a year ago.

Cutting becomes an addiction. A coping mechanism if you will. You might get tired of it, and have absoloutley no desire to continue with it, but you will. It takes a lot of strength to be able to stop cutting. It's something you can only take one day at a time.

Cutting differs from person to person, so I can't really feel what you feel. I don't know how the cutting effects you...If you don't like the scars (some people do) then try to think about that. Concentrate on the scars, and tell yourself you don't want to be scarred up. If you do like them, well, find another way. Concentrate on how you won't have to inconvenience yourself with trying to hide the cuts.

For me, a made a promise to someone that I wouldn't do it. And so far, I haven't. There were times that I had the blade right up to my skin, about to break my promise. But I reminded myself how far I'd already come, and did I really want to start over agian.? When you finally stop cutting, it becomes so freeing. Of course when I was cutting it made me numb to the outside, to all the real pain I was facing, so when you stop it's a very emotionally painful expireance. Even more so then it was before.

Just remember, it's worth it.

And to all those people saying go to a therapist....okay that might work. But most of the time it doesn't. It's up to YOU to stop. No medication, or therapy can make that decision. When I was on meds, it just made me have other problems, and I never stopped cutting. And therapy was bullcrap...for me. It might be different for others...give it a try. But only YOU can stop. ONLY you can have the strength. There is no miracle pill to make it go away.Health Question & Answer

Personal addiction to cutting. Over coming it.Health Question & Answer

the problems with cutting are:
-socially unacceptable... just because the whole 'emo' thing
-causes scars and harm... its possible to cause more harm then you intend
- its an addiction.. just like drinking, or doing drugs, it makes you feel better right.?.? but its not a healthy way to deal with problems, it doesnt teach you anything, it doesnt show you how to solve your problem, its not really constructive, so although it makes things seem better for a while, they aren't really better.
so.... do you think cutting is going to make your manic depression go away.? no
will it give you a personality.? no
will it stop you from committing suicide.? no.
therapy will and medication will.
go to your family doctor, they have the resources to get you medication so you dont feel this bad!! and they will help you into counselling... .which is not as bad as the media has portrayed it to be!
please, i know its hard, and scary.... but think of hte alternative... depression.? misery.? death....Health Question & Answer

mental illness, experience, cutterHealth Question & Answer

Things SEEM better when you cut but things never do actually get better. A cut on your arm makes you look really bad. I mean I can't judge because I used to do it-but I never did it because I was unhappy or because I thought it would make things better. I KNEW it wouldn't make anything change or better. I just did it to do it.

Anyway, well I think you need to learn that guys will come and go, and fake friends are normal-and you need to be a bit more mature and realize that you only have yourself in this world and you can't depend on anyone other than family-sometimes not even that.

You are no different than anyone else that was your age. You have no reason to be so unhappy. Imagine being a slave-or in a bad life situation...fake friends is NOT bad-it's what you make of it. Your life is how you want it to be.

Yeah you are telling us that you have reason to be the way you are...but...ugh man, you just don't know how to GET OVER your issues.Health Question & Answer

Hello, i think i might be able to help you.
I went through the same thing as you.
i started cutting when i was 13, and then my cousin ratted me out to my mom.
she showed her my razor blades and then i was grounded for almost a year.
i hurt alot of people and i really regret it.,
although i dont know you, i believe that your living in the moment, and ater this is all over, you will regret it, and you would wish you never did hurt yourslef.Health Question & Answer

If you can afford it, go to a therapist.
I think you may be a slight "Borderline Personality Disorder".
Look it up. and see if you fit into the examples of a person with that disorder. If you do you CAN get better. Ask the therapist to refer you to a DBT (Dialectical behavior therapy) group where you learn how to cope, etc. It is very good for borderline. i have ptsd and depression and did it for 4 weeks. it helped me a lot. it also helps with impulse control (cutting in your case). you will learn skills to control that impulse. also, you may need medication.
Cutting is not "wrong" so don't feel ashamed. You possibly have experienced a trauma in your past and cant cope or handle the pain so you harm yourself because you are angry and ashamed.
get treatment now before its too late.
oh and the suicidal thoughts have to worked out RIGHT AWAY!Health Question & Answer



.?type=doc&id=1020" rel="nofollow">http://www.mentalhelp.net/poc/view_doc.p...Health Question & Answer

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