Question for all people who have been on Antidepressants or know about them.?!

Question: Question for all people who have been on Antidepressants or know about them..?
I am wondering who has been on anti depressants and come off them.

My story....

I had serve anxiety and agoraphobia and after awhile of that I got a little bit of depression. I didn't go on Medication till after my friend died. I was put on 40mg of cetelapram (celexa). I have been on it four years now and just coming off them, I am down to 10mg. I havn't had any withdrawals till i went down to 10mg, Ive been having... Brain fog, headaches, irritability/agitation, feeling high stung and stressed. I have now been on 5mg or 7days, still feeling like crap.

I haven't felt depressed in a long time and my panic attacks are gone but I still feel a little anxious.

My Questions to you are

Did the anti depressant work for you.?.?.?
How was it coming off them.?.?.?
How did you feel after you were off them.?.?
Have you had any relapse and had to go back on them.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

When I was a young kid, I was put on a lot of medication for mental disorders including depression.

In my experience, they just numbed most of my feelings. I was pretty much a zombie. I wasn't really happier at all.
Coming off of them was a big relief, and it felt really good because I hated taking them. I don't remember having any of those symptoms, but I might have.

The only problem with coming off of them seems to be that they've messed up my long term memory. I can't remember a lot of things from my childhood, like my first dog or most of my birthday parties. I can't even remember my first kiss. So honestly, I really regret that I went to doctors who were so eager to prescribe me.

I haven't relapsed, and I'm really happy about that. Good luck.Health Question & Answer

you have to know that sunny weather is good for depressive people.
I use some cures of that kind and I try not to use them every day but I also try not to abandon them.
Yes, I had relapse much worse than the main reason for taking them. I try to walk and to relax. you can write to me on my personal emailHealth Question & Answer

Mine worked for.. about 4 months. Than they quit doing their job. so i stopped taking them bacause they made me even sader than I was before. After I quit I felt almost good for a while, but now I'm depressed again.Health Question & Answer

Mine they kept on increasing the dose...never worked. Then I stopped altogether and with time problem naturally faded.Health Question & Answer

You need to share all of this with your doctor. If your appointment isn't until a bit later, call the office as soon as possible to make your appointment sooner. If you are feeling this way, you are coming off of them too quickly. You may need to still be on them. The fact of the matter is, you are used to dealing with real life off medication, & some things are going to freak you out a little bit whether or not you still need them because you aren't used to dealing with those situations in a different state of mind. There is medication for just anxiety, also, that you can try.

1. Now it does. I've been trying different combinations for four years now & about 2 years ago found out I am actually bi-polar Mixed Episode & not just depressed.
2. I usually always try to kill my self when I get off them, to be honest.
3. Horrible. My head is all over the place, it really is no good for me not to be medicated.
4. yeeees.Health Question & Answer

A more sensible tapering method is shown in section 2, at on page Z.22

A drop of 50% from 10mg to 5 mg is far too much. 10, 8, 7, 6, 5 ,4, 3, 2, 1.5, and 1% would have been much better. You could try going back to 10mg, until stabilised, then use the slow weaning off method, taking at least 2 days for each stage, and preferably more.

Agoraphobia is addressed in section 27, panic attacks in section 8,(see the comprehensive post first) and anxiety in section 6 (see page N first).

Depression; view section 2; page R first, and SSRI WITHDRAWALS ANTIDEPRESSANT DISCONTINUATION SYNDROME, temporarily in section 0, at ezy build. Note the Fluoxetine option (note 12).

See on Celexa. Use the links on the left hand side.Health Question & Answer

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