Can you truly diagnose a 7 year old with Bi-polar?!

Question: Can you truly diagnose a 7 year old with Bi-polar.?
My daughter has been given this diagnosis by her psychiatrist and I am just wondering if it's too early to call it that.

Should I get a second opinion.?Health Question & Answer

Since bi-polar is being diagnosed on stated facts (subjective or objective), and not with definite tests and diagnostics, in my humble opinion, I'd be careful accepting such a diagnosis.... you should definitly get a few more opinions and inform yourself as much as possible to the symptoms. Once medications are started that actively manipulate the brain chemistry, permanent changes to a developing brain of a child/teenager can be made ... the hormones are not even activated yet, so I'd be very questionable with that...

Medicine is a very vague science and much of it is a guess-game and people (including experts in their field) understand way less than what you'd think. Psychiatry is a prime example of this fact even more so than say physical ailments that are studied extensively.

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While it is possible to diagnose in childhood, I have seen cases where children were diagnosed with BiPolar disorder, and a decade or so later, it was discovered to be a mistake. The now older children subsequently did better after being taken off all medication (some improved their way out of the mental health system entirely). I would not accept a BiPolar diagnoses unless there is a regular assessment of symptoms over the course of 6 months to a year. A true cyclic pattern must be established first.

Second opinion.? Absolutely.Health Question & Answer

Yes, you can diagnose a 7 year old with bi-polar! My son was seven! But my quesion would be, do you trust your daughter's psychiatrist.? Has she been seeing he/she for a while or was this just a one or two visit thing.? You could always get a second opinion. It never hurts! also, read up on bi-polar. You can pretty much tell yourself if your daughter shows any symptoms of bi-polar! Trust your own instinct too! But I will tell you, that I have found alot of relief for my son's bi-polar symptoms by taking him to a choirpractor! I know that sounds weird, but my choirpractor/nutritionist does something called brain based therapy! You should ask around your area to see if you can find a choirpractor that does this. It is an excellent program, and absoulutely beats all the meds that doctors want to put into your child. It's at least worth a shot! Worked for my son! Good luck!Health Question & Answer

no...a 7 year old has not developed enough personality yet, in other words, children go though many phases and things good or bad tend to pass...there is still so much time left for him or her to have life experiences and learn new coping experience is a MAJOR factor with any mental disorder...i would get a 2nd opinion..doctors are not infallible.. Health Question & Answer

Yes! You can diagnose a 7 year old with bi-polar there are children as young as 6 that get diagnosed with bi-polar that's when mine started. I dont think you need a second opinion if her psychiatrist said she was than most likely she is hun.Health Question & Answer

Definitely. You should always get second opinions, thrid, fourth, when it comes to health. People/doctors make mistakes too.

Please help! I'm so lost in school! EASY BEST ANSWER!
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Oh yes,

Second opinion.? If it helps you feel more secure, go for it.

Hope it helps.Health Question & Answer

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