I'm afraid of the dark, I need to get over this phobia soon, it's driving me crazy...suggestions?!

Question: I'm afraid of the dark, I need to get over this phobia soon, it's driving me crazy...suggestions.?
I have been afraid of the dark for years, now I live alone and its worse, what can I do.? please only answer if you're going to be helpful...not really looking for anybody else to tell me they're afraid of the dark too...now if you were once afraid of the dark and aren't any more, your suggestions are welcome, or if you're a doctor, any helpful suggestions are welcome from you as well...thanks!Health Question & Answer

People overcome fears best when they approach their fears. So you will have to go in the dark. When you do, you will realize that nothing bad happens. I suggest you start off in a place you know is safe and introduce yourself to the dark there. If you like, you can start off with a friend with you so you wont be in the dark alone. Make it gradual. Start with a short amount of time in the dark and then gradually increase the time.

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Start off by leaving a light on when you go to sleep when I was younger, I was afraid of the dark but my mom left a night light on for me and gradually I became used to the night light then one night I just forgot to turn it on and slept in the dark and I got used to it. It takes time but you'll get over it don't worry about it so much. Health Question & Answer

Well I WISH I was a professional doc but unfortunately am in high school. Anyways, about your problem. First of all, what is it about the dark that scares you.? Anything in particular.? Add some details and I will get back to you. For now, I suggest sleeping with a night-light or get a roommate.Health Question & Answer

a nightlight works for me, i don't like to stumble in darkness when I get outta bed
and listening to music when I go to sleep
there's nothing in the dark that can harm youHealth Question & Answer

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