I'm annoyed cause I cut!:( What can I do? ?!

Question: I'm annoyed cause I cut!:( What can I do.? .?
I feel really crap about myself.Health Question & Answer

the other guy that answered is a jackass is should only answer questions if he knows what hes talking about.

ive cut my entire life. and i know the struggle of that addiction.

you need to first take note of why you cut. is it because you cant handle anger, cant handle discrimination, cant handle depression, what is your trigger.?

and most of all, you need to go to counceling and talk about it. this is something that noone can fix on their own.

also, MOST cutters have endured some form of abuse in their life. if you have, you need to get out of your mind, and talk.Health Question & Answer

stop...go have fun live life find something to do change your ways meet new people Health Question & Answer

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