ADHD any good home remedies?!

Question: ADHD any good home remedies.?
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Hi i suffer from ADHD and aspergers syndrom and I used to be on ritalin then on rispiradone but now i am not currently on any medication but i am now a manic depressive always feeling down and always being snappy to loved ones and can't be spoken to when i am in the mood i was an hour ago. Basically what you need to do is ask about ritalin and any other medication that is available from your GP for your medical condition. Email me anytime if you want to know more about how i coped three years without medication and just did it without doctors for 3.5 years.Health Question & Answer

Eating a diet low in refined sugars, high in whole grains, protein and definitely stay away from that high fructose corn syrup!

Lots of exercise is a key also. There is a huge need to burn off that excess energy so one can concentrate. The reduction of recesses in many grade school now have more kids on ADD/ADHD medications simply because they don't get the chance to burn off that kid energy.

I would start working with your doctor who can help you with the diet or refer you to a nutritionist for help. And unless it's already been done, a good physical to rule out any other possible problems. Kids show things in funny ways compared to adults.Health Question & Answer

I'd watch The Nanny, make your kid eat right and exercise. Teach your child coping skills and stress relief. Children are like adults these days - wired.

Limit computer and video gaming and resort to books and nature and no sugar or caffiene. All that actually works, and classical music too - great for nap time.

I'm not sure that ADHD is a real illness as children spend much more time indoors these days and less time outside exhausting themselves with playground equipment. I do know that ADD is real - my friend is a classic case.

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no such thing its just a hormone inbalance with a special name when i grew up there was nothing like adhd we where just naughty so really my kids and everyone else all have adhd your getting me mad just bringing it up i could have a special name for that A.A.P.W.F. THATS
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See sections 22 - 25, on ADD/ADHD, at Question & Answer

my friend has two boys with ADHD and swears by eyeQ its a natural remedy which has worked wonders on her boys.

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There are a few things you can do, remove as much sugar in the diet as you can:
no drinks such as Coke, Pepsi, Fanta etc...,
no coffee or tea,
no sweets or biscuits.
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A simple understanding that ADHD is what we called "Being Naughty" when we were that age...Health Question & Answer

depending for who its for a child or an adult
best seeing a doctor
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A Trampoline to burn out there energyHealth Question & Answer

dont go to mcdonalds.Health Question & Answer

A giant malletHealth Question & Answer

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