Hand gesturing during conversation.?!

Question: Hand gesturing during conversation..?
I use hand gestures as well as facial expressions all the time whenever I happen to be talking or explaining to people, some people find it annoying some don't. And no, I don't work with deaf people.

What I'm curious to know is what catergory of personality/thinking do I fit and what is the reason behind it.?Health Question & Answer

Hand gestures and facial expression all add to the impact of communication. Watch people who stand stock still when trying to chat and you'll see people simply lose interest. But if overdone, the whole business comes unstuck and people are just put off - windmilling hands, giggles and eye-popping all take away any credibility. What category do you fit.? Outgoing and friendly, probably!Health Question & Answer

most people do it, often not even realising that they are, i wouldn't worry about it. I do it all the time, and the Italians use hand gestures as much communicate as speaking Health Question & Answer

I had to take speech in high school. (Everyone in my state did)

My speech teacher encouraged us to use hand and facial gestures.
I think you fit into the normal and sane category.Health Question & Answer

Too much hand gesturing can mislead people into thinking that you are talking to them like morons, apart from that you might land an aeroplane.Health Question & Answer

im italian and i don't do hand gestures.Health Question & Answer

me 2Health Question & Answer

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