What are mental hospitals like?!

Question: What are mental hospitals like.?
I've had depression for a long time now, and I have recently reached a point where I am very suicidal because I can't take the pain anymore. My last desperate attempt may be to stay in a hospital for awhile and see what help I can get there but I have no idea what they're like. Is it a more normal place then most people make it out to be.? I just want to know what it is going to be like before I check in.Health Question & Answer

Pink Princess, how dare you answer this question with any knowledge just to collect your two points.?.?.? Karma Police has it pretty much perfect. You will be required to follow a very strict schedule, but in so doing, it will help you have structure. It is rather boring, but you will meet many other people, some like yourself, and the social therapy always helped me. I am so proud of you for being brave enough to admit the hospital would be in your best interests. It is not the horror movie thing we see on T.V. these days. You have many rights, which you will be advised of and given a copy of when you enter the hospital. Just be honest, keep your temper, and follow the rules. They are there for you and the other patients to get the most out of your stay. I promise, I have never regretted any of my hospital stays, both the voluntary and involuntary. It is a safe place for you to begin the road to recovery, gather your thoughts, and express your fears and desires in a healthy environment. There will be some rules like no shoestrings, no hygiene products with alcohol, no breakables, certain things that could be harmful if in the hands of someone not quite in touch with reality, and these rules are for the safety of everyone, and not a direct punch at you...just that you will be more coherent than others you may be hospitalized with and remember the rules are for the most ill, and though your condition doesn't warrant such strict adhesion, others you will be hospitalized with might, it is nothing personal to you. You will be very happy with your decision, and it is a safe place to begin your recovery. Take care and I wish you all the best.Health Question & Answer

Go in and tell yourself that you are here for you and for you to get healthy again and go back to being you.
Remember you are human and also the people that are in the hospital are human as well they are their to receive help the way you are seeking help & the health professionals are there to helo support you and the people that are in there.
The first couple of days/weeks may be hard for you because you are not use to the enivorment and you are out of you elements, make some friends while you in there & talk to people :)
Remember the movies that you see for hospitals & that have sences of mental treatment floors are played up for the movie this is reall life and not a movie.
also keep in mind there are some people that are on that floor do have there moments - due to their illness.
Interact with people and remember the are people to and they have somethings that they have to deal with too.

Get well soon :)Health Question & Answer

It was like a vacation for me! No worries, around people like you,people take care of you. The check in can be a little degrading, you have to strip naked and be visually checked for weapons, etc.It really gave me time to get straight on meds while under supervision. We sat around all day watching tv, may go to group, go to lunchand dinner in the cafeteria, have time outside, it was very leisurely.This was a state institute BTW, nothing fancy or extra. My husband and children visited everyday and I was able to call them from a payphone in the day room.Health Question & Answer

It all depends on your attitude while you are there. If you are negative then it will be the worst experience your life. I was as positive as I could be both times I was hospitalized so it actually did help me. As long as you don't do anything stupid or act up, you wont be forced into a locked room until you calm down. and you won't be hurt unless you attack another patient or staff member. People usually say it is a bad place because they don't want to be there. You are just like I was a year ago and I think that you can benefit going into a hospital because you want to get help. as long as you have right attitude you will be fine.Health Question & Answer

I've been in a mental hospital and it's nothing like the old movies. There are people just like you and me who are there for help.

They have rooms and individuals on staff to help you get better. Depression is an illness and not something you can just snap out of overnight.

The first step in recovery is "WE" admit we have a problem and reaching out for help with the problem. Good luck and you'll find out you're not alone.Health Question & Answer

I wouldn't know personally. But I live in a place known for its mental hospital. I am sure it can be scary. I am sure they will put you in the place that you need to be. You will be taken care of I am sure. I am happy for you that you are strong enough to get help for your problem. Good luck.


its not like you see in the movies where they lock you in a little room.... not unless you get out of control anyways. but what you do is like normal everyday life except for going places. what you do is go to groups all day, possibly the gym and you can talk to people on the phone. they will put you on medicine also to stabilize you and then you will be required outpatient therapy when you get out. Health Question & Answer

-Very little freedom.
-Follow a schedule with the rest of the patients.
-If you're a kid/teen, you have "school" (just do school work) for a couple hours a day.
-Usually meet with a doctor everyday.
-Most likely will be put on meds.
-There are lots of angry 'n undpredictable people there.

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watch this

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this is supposedly what they are like.

this movie scared the crao out of me.


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Boring. A lot like being in a regular hospital, only a lot more strict. It's not what they are made out to be. I can take you through an average day in a nutshell.

First they wake you up, early. They gave me my meds between 7am and 9am, during which time you can take a shower (which staff has to unlock), eat breakfast (they bring up trays of food, like in grade school) or fill out menus or progress reports. Then usually they will have group therapy, several sessions; they split people up into groups. Usually in group therapy you will have a nurse and or a therapist, and you share how you are feeling. Then lunch, more group therapy, then dinner. Then you have the rest of the day to do whatever, which is boring; most people play cards or chat or watch TV(which is usually taken over by someone already). Sometimes I had a roomate, sometimes I didn't, you had to be in your room by 10PM, and they check on you every 30 minutes. A doctor and nurse will check in with you every day to see where you're at, and depending on how so is when you go home. They are strict, you have no access with the outside world. You can use the phone but you have to ask first, no computers, no cell phones. You can't touch other patients, you can't swear, language has to be appropriate (not that anyone followed the rules). Most hospitals are about the same way.
You can bring things from home but they have to be inspected by staff. It wasn't hard for me to sneak things I shouldn't have had in, though.

Really.? It's boring. Especially the first few days. If you're lucky you'll make some friends and it turns out to be alright, but for the most part it sucks. But it did help me the times I've been.Health Question & Answer

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