Teetering on the brink of suicide?!

Question: Teetering on the brink of suicide.?
I am really wondering if I should go see a therapist or check myself into a mental hospital.

I have recently thought a lot about suicide, but it is very intermittent. Some days, I am very happy and full of energy, and some I sleep until 3 pm.

My mood changes many times during the day. Sometimes, I am hanging out with friends and having a great time and suddenly I will have the urge to kill myself. The other day I was on the top floor in a parking garage with some friends and I really wanted to just throw myself over the edge.

There is nothing that bad about my life. In fact, I am pretty privileged. But, I just watched the documentary The Bridge and I think if I ever am on the Golden Gate, I will most likely jump off.

I'm not sure whether to get help because who knows what mood I will be in when I seek treatment.

What should I do.?Health Question & Answer

it's possible that you are bi-polar. that just means that your mood swings from high to low...sometimes very high---mania, or very low--depression. there is a lot of help for this because believe it or not many people have it. so no matter what mood you are in still see the dr. and explain what happens. they will take it from there. good luck!

Edit: the doctors will ask you a series of questions about your symptoms and family health history. this doesn't sound like a phase that you are going through, it seems very real. don't worry, as I said, there is lots of help. just start with telling your regular dr. and he will tell you where to go from there. Do NOT let anyone tell you that this is all in your mind. to many people don't take things like this seriously because they don't understand it on a medical level. get a professional to help you.Health Question & Answer

In all honesty it sounds like what you're going through is absolutely normal. Fifteen is an age where you're trying to grab onto something, and make some sense of the world. It's normal that you think death and suicide are pointless, and it's also normal that smoking pot intensifies those feelings. There are plenty of ways to make a difference in life, and as you grow older you will see them. Enjoy the age you're at now, everything is fine. And when you're older if you still want to make that kind of difference go for it.Health Question & Answer

Do not do that, that is selfish. Think of all those you will hurt and also think of all those who had to die and did not get to live. Please, get help, but be careful with the mental ward, you will be labeled for life. Talk to a counselor and read on it, but do get help, and try to find something you like, something to live for, no matter how minute...Health Question & Answer

You have bipolar or a similar disorder with rapid cycling.

If you feel that you may be a danger to yourself, you should be evaluated by a psychiatrist who, of course, will prescribe medication.

You should be monitored by a therapist to ensure your safety. Talking to someone should help somewhat but is no cure.

One other suggestion: Check out this website: mentalhealthsolutions.infoHealth Question & Answer

everytime u have the urge to jump off of a bridge. throw a babydoll off the bridge.
and find other ways to vent
maybe start online fights in chatrooms
you will feel better at leastHealth Question & Answer

Well this is when Get Answers From Millions of People is not a great idea. You need one opinion from an expert. See the doctor. It's not normal thinking.Health Question & Answer

You should not commit suicide. That is what you should do.Health Question & Answer

have you ever checked yourself out for bipolar disease.?Health Question & Answer

Yes, get help!Health Question & Answer

I think that you should consider going to a therapist or psychologist. You can also try going to a mental health organization, which may refer you onto a psychiatric ward, or other sort of organization like that, which can help with this particular problem. also, there should be some crisis lines in your area that deals with suicidal problems. Whenever you feel like committing suicide, it would be a good idea to give one of these agencies a call. I will try and look for link that might have some information.

http://sanfrancisco.citysearch.com/yello...Health Question & Answer

i m facing the same problem as urs, i constantly think thoughts of commiting suicide, i think if u keep on thinking like this ur gonna end up taking ur own life which i think is not the right thing to do i think u should definetly go to a mental health expert or discuss ur problems with a friend or family member because bottling up ur emotions is going to make it worse, assuming that this is ur photograph on yahoo avatar u look so beautiful why would such a girl want to end her life , i m sure if u stick in there pretty soon ur gonna find a good boy for urself which i think is gonna give u something to look forward in life, there r chances that ur suffering from depression so it hink it's better that u go to a doctor as quickly as possible and please don't think about taking ur life u have still long way to go in life.Health Question & Answer

I would certainly recommend you see someone about this, not necessarily a doctor or health professional, because most of them will just drug you up. Sad but true.

I believe the key to solving your problem is in your mind. You need to stop entertaining the thoughts of suicide, and take control of your mindset.

Great thinkers from ancient days have said: "As a man thinks in his heart - so is he."

If you keep entertaining the thoughts of suicide, you're increasing the probability of you actually doing it, so what you need to do is start filling your mind with good stuff in stead.

Read good books, watch good movies, listen to motivational speakers and if you believe in God start praying.

This way you'll fill your mind with good things, and you'll find that gradually these thoughts will take the place of the suicidal ones.

This is a process you're going to go through, and the thoughts of suicide is bound to come back to haunt you. But you don't have to entertain them! You can't keep the birds from flying over your head - put you can prevent them from nesting on your hair.

I hope my answer will help you on the way to a better life. Life is worth living - and you were created to make a positive difference - so live your life today!Health Question & Answer

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