Sleepless day 4! Help can't sleep!?!

Question: Sleepless day 4! Help can't sleep!.?
Ive been having this problem for like 5 months now. I'm not even slightly depressed anymore, I just can't seem to sleep without her. Its like my body just doesn't want to sleep at all. In the last month or so, I have slept over at her house in kind of a 'fling' and I slept just like i use to. But at home alone, I don't sleep at all, and its ruining my daily routines. This is the fourth post Ive added to this website in the past like 4 months, and so far nobody has been able to address the problem. And honestly... I don't miss her at all anymore, I just can't sleep. Health Question & Answer

Dim lights, classical music, fluffy pillows, and a comfy bed can work wonders.

I'm an insomniac, and when ever I reallly want to sleep, I do this, so it really works.

(a sleeping pill or two won't hurt)Health Question & Answer

i would take some Tylenol pm and go to sleep! actually i would take 2. if that did not work i would really go to the doctor. there could be really something wrong. or they could give you something to help you sleep. by not sleeping you can get yourself really sick.Health Question & Answer

BENDADRYL, works like a charm. and getting off the computer, turning out the lights, if you sleep with the tv on then put on something boring. also you should make sure you expend a lot of energy during the day. Go to the gym, run, swim, etc. eventually you will sleep.Health Question & Answer

If I were you, id try and spray a bit of lavender oil mixed with water,in a bottle, and spray it on your pillow,
not sleeping is really bad for your health,
or seek some expert advice, ie. your doctor

please help me answer my question,
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Wow 4 days!
Yeah Tylenol what she said
you can listen to me and watch this video that will make you laugh so hard you will piss your pants and cry and then you will fall ASLEEP
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4 seconds longHealth Question & Answer

Hi, below is a bunch of tips to help you sleep.You don't have to do them all, of course. Just pick some things that feel right to you. The list is so long that you might fall asleep just reading it. You might want to consider having a consultation with a counselor or therapist. Even though you say you don't miss your old girlfriend, something is happening to disrupt your sleep since you left her. I know how hard break ups can be. I hope you start to feel much better soon, and I know your body wants that sleep. All my best.

Depending on the season, a warm bath is a great way to relax. If you can

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