Am i depressed? easy 10 points?!

Question: Am i depressed.? easy 10 points.?
my dad is an alcoholic
he just sits in his bed and drink waiting to die
my mother works too much and im afraid something bad might happen to her
my 10 year old brother has compulsive disorder and im afraid of what his future wil be like
im 15 and i stutter too much, ive been stuttering since ive been a child
and my life just sucks..i hate it so much
i dont like hanging out with my friends, i like staying at home doing wathcing tvHealth Question & Answer

no. your just living in extreme circumstances. this life cant get fixed with a pill....or alkyhol or whatever vice we have. your 15.....your brain is forming connections, neurons and synapses and stuff, right now like crazy. given your current situation, your age, and the here and have a good chance of becoming a tad weary of the day to day grind.....WE ALL DO. but big pharma has its interests in making us all believe were either crazy, depressed, then we buy into thier schtick.

and tell your brother he has the potential to be his own worst WE ALL DO. any compulsive behavior takes away from the other things we can get to outside you like to do.

your dads an alky....sos mine. your the child of a dysfunctional family. me too:)

remember to breathe...cause if ya dont your brain will panic into thinking your drowning....

dont wait to die....and dont rush into it either.Health Question & Answer

You're not clinically depressed. You're normally depressed because of tough circumances. I'm sorry for your family, but you don't have to go down with the ship even if they won't fight to be a healthy family. Set some goals for your life and find some activities that are things that you are gifted to do and enjoy. You're probably stuttering because life's stressful right now, but it will probably pass once you change the course of your life. Don't just stay at home. You can love your family better by becoming healthy yourself. You can't help them if you're in the dumps with them. It's not easy, but you can do it if you really want to. Lots of us have overcome difficult family circumstances, including me. Just tell yourself that there is no way you are going to end up like them. Then you will have more strength to help them overcome their problems. You will inspire them to want to get better. It's true.Health Question & Answer

With the family history you described, yes you are. The stuttering in itself can cause the depression. With the unstable home life, it seems it has become more of a problem. Counseling. Along with seeing a medical doctor is a good start. Good luck, sweetie. :)Health Question & Answer

you could be,
maybe you should talk to your school councilor(sorry dont know how to spell it)
i thouqht i was depressed. buh it was mainly stress.

talk to someone.
Health Question & Answer

You are definitley depressed. You need to see about going to talk to someone. You have alot going on.Health Question & Answer

it sounds like you are. go to a counselor or a good friend to lean on, they can help yo through some rough times!Health Question & Answer

me toHealth Question & Answer

you need to see your doctor and get help for all of thisHealth Question & Answer

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