Will i ever be my normal self again?!

Question: Will i ever be my normal self again.?
i use to smoke meth, yeah i know it's bad. i quit myself without any help so at least give me that. but it's been about a year and i still get horrible panic attacks and i'm extremely paranoid. i try to be pretty chill but i can't control it. does anyone share a similar experience.? and do you think these feelings will pass, or should i get some help.?Health Question & Answer

i havent done meth in about 5 months and i've been paranoid, as well as feeling anxiety...like you said, i try to be chill and everything but i can't control it either...Health Question & Answer

i think it makes u better person.. you realize it was wrong and got through it .. but you should get help if you feel like you cant control it.. i know someone who was clean from herion for a few yrs.. married with kids then started again and died.. and now the kids are left without a dad.. sadHealth Question & Answer

uh well your not braindead or dead thats good. try talking to a doctor and if that doen't work try pot cuz that has the oposate effects and if you dont like it you can always stop like u did with meth. Health Question & Answer

id say try getting help if you can
or how about try making some new friends who you think can influence you to get over being paranoid... im extremely chill and a risk taker and i definitely influenced one of my paranoid friends with that...Health Question & Answer

My friend was on it for many years,she hasnt had any for 18mths and is in a lovely relationship with a good bloke and expecting there first child.


well i think ur already over it and at times this stuff happens when u think about so just rey keep your self busy and not to think abt it.........you will get over it.......Health Question & Answer

I say you see a therapist, you can get past it!
good luck!Health Question & Answer

smoke some pot...Health Question & Answer

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