I am severly depressed. I am scared because i feel like killing myself and i have a 3 year old daughter ?!

Question: I am severly depressed. I am scared because i feel like killing myself and i have a 3 year old daughter .?
I am 21 years old with a three year old and i'm 18 weeks pregnant.I have been severly depressed lately and i have thought about killing myself. I went to get help and the place i went to said i wasn't SICK enough for them to treat. What should I do.? any advice.Health Question & Answer

Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry you're feeling this way. It must be overwhelming to be responsible for a toddler and a baby on the way. I'm not sure where you went for help but there are hotlines you can call and talk to someone RIGHT NOW! Please check your local listings until you find one. You don't recognize it now but your children need you. There are many who love you and care. I care.Health Question & Answer

I'm not sure where you went for help, but you need to find a therapist ASAP. If you have insurance, schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor immediately and get a referral to a therapist. Or if your insurance has a mental health option, contact them directly to find out who's on the list of available doctors. If you don't have insurance, contact the Dept of Health in your area or your local hospital's mental health ward and ask for a referral to a therapist.

Remember you have your daughter to think of and you need to do whatever you can to keep yourself safe for her. Do you have a support network -- are your parents involved in your life.? Do you have a husband, in laws, or close friends or other family.? If so, have them take your daughter for a couple of days so that you can get the help you need.

At the least, talk to your primary care doctor, because they will be able to help. Do not delay in this. Get help NOW....before your depression overwhelms you and forces you to make a very bad choice which you can't come back from.

Here's the national suicide hotline number you can also call for help: 1-800-273-TALK (8255). They'll help you immediately over the phone and they'll help you find someone in your area to see in person.

Do whatever it takes to get help, even if it means going to the emergency room and being held for voluntary observation. You need to live for your daughter and for yourself -- please get help immediately.Health Question & Answer

What type of place did you go to that told you that.?.? That is insane for them to tell you that. You are depressed, which is an illness. Any decent place would take you seriously, especially because you have thoughts of killing yourself. I would suggest going somewhere else for help. I don't know what area you live in, but I know where I live there are crisis centers avalilable for immediate help in situations like yours. Research mental health facilities in your area and call one of them. If you are seriously having trouble controlling your thoughts of suicide, get help now. You could even call 911 if it is severe. Do whatever you have to do because as I am sure you know, suicide is not the answer, and you have kids to think about also.... But in order to be a good mother you have to get well first.Health Question & Answer

If you have an OB then talk to her (or even your regular MD), she should be able to set you up with the appropriate person to deal with your situation. You are obviously sick enough to treat considering you are a danger to yourself. The place that denied you care could be in for a lot of trouble if they are denying people who really need helpHealth Question & Answer

If your pregnant, the hormones could be making you depressed.

So wait, and if after the birth, see if it continues.

also, put yourself in your daughters shoes. How would you feel if you were THREE and your mom killed herself.? It'd make me feel unwanted, like my mom didn't care. Like I wasn't good enough or important enough for my mom to live for me.

Don't do that crap to a three year old.

They can't handle those kinds of emotions and they shouldn't have to.

And if the place said you aren't "sick" enough, then report them and find a new place.
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DONT KILL yourself! THat is never the answer! Please think of all the excitig things in life you will miss out with your daughter. Everyone has pitfalls in life but its about positive thoughts to bring you back to a better reality. Just remember-whatever is going on in your life may seem so severe and so end of the road, but there is always an "END" and believe me, you'll get the good life sometime soon. THink yourself better and you will get better. Find help for yourself ASAP. I believe this is definitely a hormone thing for you and has a lot to do with your pregnancy. Go to a chaplain if your religious. FIND ANYONE, SOMEONE and get HELP NOW. DONT WAIT ANOTHER MINUTE. Best of luck to you.Health Question & Answer

when you have a child, and are impregnated again your stress level will increase dramatically with tough questions always appearing in your mind. just because you do or do not go on medication those dont always help. sometimes you just need another, this may sound a bit dumb but it helps for me, but another highly suicidal friend. me and my best friend are more than closer than sisters because of the stress we are having and about things we have done and tried. yes that may sound very ridiculous but it really helps when your in that "moment" and your about to do something others will regret for not helping you with and than they will go into depression, but talking to another helps. if you find that too personal than try talking to a professional or some other type of therapy groups. i must say i have heard positive and negative things about the group therapy, but it cant hurt to atleast try a few times.Health Question & Answer

Please don't listen to the people at this site who are being critical. Depression is an illness. They wouldn't yell at someone who has cancer. Get your phone book and look in the front of it for mental help hotline. Where I live 211 is the number.Call them and be honest. Follow there suggestions. They may even have someone to come to you. Please don't hurt yourself. You are not thinking clearly right now. There is help available and people who understand.Health Question & Answer

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
You poor thing! It can be so frustrating to get the strength to ask for help and then to be told you are not sick enough! If they can't help, did they tell you who could.?
Please, Don't give up!! There is help out there and things can get better.
I have had depression for over 10 years and once I got help (medicine and therapy) things are so much better.
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how could you think with something so horrible like that and you have a kid .? and you are pregnant , look to the life from another way , whatever there is hard things you cant hold it any more , think of your kids who will grow without a mother ,,,!!! go to PsychotherapistHealth Question & Answer

If you have a primary care doctor and/or an OB-GYN doctor, contact one of them immediately. He or she will put you in touch with the appropriate doctor/therapist. Please don't try to do this yourself.
I'm sorry you feel so bad, and I pray that you find help soon.
Please don't depend on Y!A for real answers. We're not doctors.
Be strong.Health Question & Answer

Think of the baby. If you kill your self when your are pregnant then the baby will die. if you want to kill your self do it after the baby is born.

If it because you are short (your name is shorty) then wear high heels.Health Question & Answer

Do you have someone that could watch your 3 year old.? If you do I would call a crisis center like a Help Hotline. They can point you in the right direction.

Look up your local number in your phonebook or online.

I hope things get better soon. I understand.Health Question & Answer

Then go to a hospital or mental clinic. Not sick enough to treat.? Your life is in danger and they just put you down like that.? I suggest going to a mental clinic because they can help with emergencies like this. Health Question & Answer

Nothing in life is worth killing yourself over. Don't be selfish and ruin your kids lives. You know how terrible life would be without growing up with a mother.? They would end up in jail, using drugs and all sorts of trouble.Health Question & Answer

1. don't kill yourself 2. quit getting pregnant 3. think about the people who love and care about you 4. set good goals and work towards themHealth Question & Answer

stop getting pregnant.Health Question & Answer

go to this website and find help and comfort:

www.watchtower.orgHealth Question & Answer

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