What is this, please read?!

Question: What is this, please read.?
everything ive said recently comes out wrong, its all awkward and causes weird reactions from people sometimes. i dont think im saying something strange or doing something weird, but i guess i kinda burst out with something sometimes when it seems completely normal to me.

im becoming paranoid about seeing people from the corner of my eyes, and small noises are starting to make me imagine things.

I talk to myself (which i thought was normal--is it.?). Like sometimes i hear myself saying no youre so stupid dont do that or commenting on my actions. so that half of me is saying one thing, and the other half is doing another. I also talk aloud to myself when im alone.

My grade in my best subject(math) are falling suddenly, and im having some trouble remembering things.

im pretty sure i have derealization. nothing feels real sometimes, everything looks weird and fake, and i have trouble realizing that yes im here on earth and this isnt just a dream

and sometimes, its really weird...here ill give an example:
last night i came home from a sports meet and had to get ready for a dance, and i was in the shower, and i knew i had just gotten home from the meet, yet i found it so easy to just forget that, and make myself beleive i had just finished studying and was taking a shower, and would go do my hw after. i think i could have just felt as if the day had been a dream and not exactly forgotten it, but moved on without it.

whats up with me.? I have a phyciatrist appt in about 1 week.

do not tell me its just hormones because im a teenager, its way too much to be just hormones.
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OMG, that's happening to me TOO! Except, It started with me waaaay before puberty, so for me at least, it's NOT hormones. When I go about my life, everything feels hazy, and dreamlike (no, it's not a vision thing). All of a sudden, I am not doing well in math, which was also my favorite subject...weird...I also feel out of place, because no matter what I say, people think I'm being mean, when I'm actually stating a fact.
Like one time in chorus the teacher said to put the "d" at the end of the word. I heard the soprano in front of me mutter "how do you expect us to do that when we're singing so high.? It's impossible"
and I replied that, "It isn't impossible" and she replied, "well, aren't YOU special." and glared at me.

I talk to myself too. Sometimes after doing somthing stupid I say, "IDIOT, why do I have to be so STUPID.?! Gosh, why did I do that.?" I also comment on my writing and grades, questioning careless errors and my word choice which sometimes appears infantile.

I can also FEEL a person's emotions by being near them, and I feel uncomfortable when I can't. Usually when I can't they are acting oddly that day, and move with swift motions.

Instead of feeling slugish, sometimes the world around me becomes super sharp for no reason, and my reactions are extremely quick, and silent. also, sometimes I find myself holding my breath for long periods of time, any after realizing it, have no urge for oxygen.

I'm not having memory black outs, but sometimes my dreams are so vivid I think a day has passed when I wake up.

If you have any updates on what you believe the cause to be, please tell me, because I think I might be experiencing something similar.Health Question & Answer

These things do not sound completely normal but that's o.k., just be honest at your appointment next week and see what the shrink thinks. Until then, try to stay grounded in your own reality as best you can and don't get caught talking to yourself out loud in public. Good luck.Health Question & Answer

It might be hormones :)

Or maybe you are not eating right.......

I sometimes have the same problem. be careful with those psych's , they could just feed you crapp and maybe put you on drugs and instead of letting your body right itself you might be screwed up forever. Health Question & Answer

Wait for your appointment in one week. Your not going to get good answers from a bunch of strangers on the internetHealth Question & Answer

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