Help please, i'm scared?!

Question: Help please, i'm scared.?
a week ago i went to a college campus and got a little too drunk (i know, i know i wont be doing it again) please no lectures- i can't change the past. But, they whole night is pretty sketchy. I gave this guy who I was with all of last year head and I don't think anything else. I've always had irregular periods. I didn't remember, so I just came out and asked him if we had sex, and he said no. I wasn't sore and I didn't have any bleeding. But I woke up this morning with stomach pains and I assumed the worst. I ate some weird food last night, but it was a weird there any way to know for sure you're still a virgin.? what should i do.? I really don't want to buy a pregnancy test unless I have to...and I don't have a doctor-we just moved
help please, i'm not the kind of person who gives head or does stuff like this, and i'm really scaredHealth Question & Answer

Well, I'm proud of you for realizing your mistake. Just wait for your period, or until it's supposed to come. Don't be afraid, God is right there with you, and if you need anything email: Question & Answer

Well, i am glad that you are remorseful and I think that if the guy said you didn't have sex and there was no signs of blood or anything on your underware then he might just be telling you the truth. How trustworthy is this guy.? I would suggest that if you can afford to buy a pregnancy test if you really are still not sure that it would ease your mind. The cost of it might be worth the peace of mind. Health Question & Answer

Your situation sounds unfortunately familiar. A friend of mine had a very similar situation.
First thing you should know: Don't beat yourself up over the past. What has happen has happened. People make mistakes because people by nature are imperfect.

Doctors can determine accurately if you are still a virgin. If you are shy about going to a doctor about it, there are free private clinics and teen health centers everywhere. Bring a friend or go discretely, but no matter what, go to one.

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hey i just want to say before hand, its going to be okay! just take a big breath and relax. i really hope you have or will talk to a friend or mentor about this too. the hardest thing, is going it alone. :)

if you really aren't interested in taking a test, you'll have to wait till your period comes to know for sure.

but there are some signs that you can look for too,

such as peeing alot, morning sickness, tiredness, breast tenderness, emotional changes, or cravings.

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I am a little bit confused on how you could not know if you were having intercourse or not.... I mean you should know if there is a penis in you and you are having sex. You couldnt have been that drunk. Get a pregnancy test to be on the safe side.Health Question & Answer

There is no real way of Knowing if you are still a virgin...
but i recomend you get a pregnancy test..just in case. and go to Gyno(or a free clinic) soon and get tested for STDs and AIDs.... im not trying to scare u its just better to be safe than sorry and informed...

Best WishesHealth Question & Answer

Better check with a doctor and tell him to do a virgin test or check if the hymen still intact. If yes, go out with the guy cause he is a gentlement, if no go for futher test by doctor and consult a counselar.Health Question & Answer

You most likely aren't pregnant. Wait until a missed period, and then you can get buy a test. Hopefully you have learned an important lesson.Health Question & Answer

You can tell if your pregnent if you start to eat alot and throw up alot just see if you have any of those problems then your pregnentHealth Question & Answer

Really just watch out for morning sickness, eating a lot, and other stuff.
Im sure your not, but who knows.Health Question & Answer

now is a good time to stop. after this scareHealth Question & Answer

You need to see a gynecologist, for many reasons. It doesn't matter if you have a doctor or not. And if you're worried about telling your parents, you can go to a planned parenthood and see a gynecologist there. Just look up planned parenthood's in your area.

But you do need to go see one. If you're unsure in any way of the events that happened that night, it's important you get checked out. I know you feel bad because you're scared you might not be a virgin, but there are other things to worry about as well, such as if this guy had some kind of STD that he gave to you. It's important you find out, because if you caught something you will need to be on medication ASAP. Some STDS are very much curable, but if they're left untreated they can effect other things like your ability to get pregnant later on.

I would also suggest that you go to some type of therapy. I don't know if you go to high school still, or if you are already in college, but I would suggest one of the counselors there as a first step. You seem to be very upset by what happened, including the fact that you may no longer be a virgin, and I think it would help if you were able to talk to someone about it. I personally would tell you to stop beating yourself up over this. You made a mistake, we all do, and the best thing you can do is accept that you're human and learn not to make that mistake again. But if you can't do that, talk to someone who can help you get through it.

Remember, gynocolegist before anything else, it's the most important thing. Good luck to you. Health Question & Answer

it will be ok, whatever happens, so just take a deep breath and calmmm down. it probably is nothing, but to be safe find a doctor or go to a hospital. if this just happened last night it would be too soon for a pregnancy test. or if you want to be sure take a contreceptive pill such as 'Plan B' that you take within 72 hours of having sex to reduce the risk of pregnancy. also you may want to call your mom and just tell her you made a mistake and got drunk and aren't sureif things went to far, or maybe an aunt or freind or friends mom. also or idk how it ends is a thing for rape which has live ppl you can chat with and see what they say to do. hope i helped, just stay calm it sounds like nothing really happened. i hope everything works out for youHealth Question & Answer

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