What does this mean? ?!

Question: What does this mean.? .?
I always heard that if someone holds you down and tickles you, it's bad and stuff. lol. I have some questions...

1. What does it mean
2. Why is it bad
3. Is it ALWAYS bad.? Or can it mean something else

I know a girl, who does this to her boyfriend..not a lot but sometimes, he's abusive and she does it sometimes and says its her way of showing him what he does to her...she never lets it get out of control, but he ends up hitting her or shoving her off the bed or throwing her on the floor. Any advice I can give them that's not too mean.?Health Question & Answer

Excessive tickling is a form of abuse because it makes one uncomfortable and it can become very difficult to breathe. There is also the control that one feels when one tickles another and they are begging them to stop. Probably this feeling of control is your friends motivation. My advice is to make sure that she has a number for a local domestic violence hot-line and be there for her no matter what. That will be very hard if she stays in an abusive relationship because you are going to be frustrated. But know that she needs you. You might also talk to them about getting counseling. If you are in high school, you should probably talk to her mom. You might save your friend a lot of pain. She is being abusive to him in retaliation, she needs professional help. Health Question & Answer

As a person who is very ticklish, I can tell you that it is a horrible thing to do to a person. It makes one feel like you are in hell when others do it to you, and you will be sore for sometime after. If the girl is doing it to her boyfriend, she is either very ignorant about his complain, or the guy is just a jerk and she is getting back at her.
The reaction of the guy is understandable, since it is probably what I would do. It is really really unpleasent even if the girl says it is under control.
I would tell the girl to just stop doing that and figure out another way to get her message through. Obvisouly, the physical abuse method isn't working for her since she seems to be doing this repeatedly.Health Question & Answer

first off, she needs to get out of there.

1. What does it mean.? Well to me basically what it means is that your showing that you like someone by flirting with them. so flirting.

2. Why is it bad.? i dont think that it is. tickling is basically american teens pastime.

3. is it always bad.? or can it mean something else.? hit the nail on the head with that second part. it can DEFINITLY mean something else. the boyfriend obviously has serious issues if he thinks that he can hit a woman, but i think that he feels as if he is being dominated by his girlfriend... even if it IS Just in a playful manner

So for overall advice... i would tell your friend that she is a whole lot better off without that a$*#(le hanging around her and that she needs to get away from him asap.

lots of luck!
-CamHealth Question & Answer

well i mean does she hit him to him how she fills when he does it to her and she needs to stay away from him before he gets out of control like for real for realHealth Question & Answer

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