Running away?????????mabe?!

Question: Running away.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?mabe.?
Ok My mom and I has gotten into MANY fights. not phyiscal but verbal. I have alot of things to tell her but I am very afraid to because she never lets me talk....I told her I am leaving then tommorow. she said fine then go if your old enough to talk crap then your old enough to leave. I said won't you miss me she said yea but I don't need no more stress I already have anxiety and I said ok then I am leaving.

now if I left and she didn't call anyone..I am VERY VERY VERY sure she won't call anyone. trust me.
But what would I do Where would I go. I am not a bad child I just have an opinion on things that my mother doesn't like. is this bad I speak my mind in a nice good way also I might add.?
please help..?Health Question & Answer

The Reality of Running Away

When you think about running away, you probably imagine that there will be no more rules, no parent to tell you what to do, no more fights. Sounds great and exciting, right.? In reality, running away is anything but fun. Kids and teens who run away face new problems like not having any money, food to eat, a safe place to sleep, or anyone to look out for them.

People with no home and no money become desperate, doing anything just to meet their basic needs. Because of this, they often find themselves in risky situations that would be frightening, even for adults. Runaway kids get involved in dangerous crimes much more often than kids who live at home.

Kids who live on the streets often have to steal to meet basic needs. Many take drugs or alcohol to get through the day because they become so depressed and feel that no one cares about them. Some are forced to do things they wouldn't normally do to make money. The number of kids with HIV or AIDS and other diseases is higher on streets, too, because these kids might use IV drugs or have unprotected sex (often for money).
Runaway Prevention

Let's face it - stress is a part of life, even for kids - but being able to deal with problems with confidence, hope, and practical solutions makes kids less likely to run away.

To build your problem-solving skills, try to:

* Know your emotions. Try to understand what you are feeling inside and use words to describe it.
* Express your emotions. Don't be afraid to tell those close to you how you're feeling and why. Use words, not actions. This is especially true for anger. Anger is one of the hardest emotions to manage because it's so strong - but everyone needs to learn how to express angry feelings without violence.
* Know how to calm yourself down after you're upset. Maybe you need to run around outside, listen to music, draw, or write poetry. Do whatever safe things you need to do to feel better.
* When you have a problem, try to come up with a list of solutions. Get someone else to help you if you can't think of at least three things to do. For each possible solution, ask yourself "If I do this, what would happen next.?"
* Get some help from trusted adults - someone like a parent, close relative, teacher, or neighbor. Know who you can count on to support and help you.

What If You're Thinking of Running Away.?

It may feel like there's no way to fix the problems that are making you think about running away. If you can, tell your mom or dad how you feel. They need to know that you're upset or that you're afraid they don't love you or want you around. It may be possible to work together as a family to change things for the better. Sometimes talking with a counselor as a family can help.

If the problem is as serious as abuse and a parent is involved, then talk to a teacher or counselor at school, a good friend's parent, a close relative, or another trusted adult. Let that person help you find somewhere safe to stay. It might be hard to share this secret because you may feel ashamed or afraid of getting someone in trouble, but remember that abuse is never your fault.

Another option is to call the National Runaway Switchboard at (800) 621-4000. It's open 24 hours a day and the call is free. The switchboard operators get thousands of calls each year, many from kids who have run away or know someone who has.
What If Your Friend Wants To Run Away.?

If your friend is thinking about running away, warn him or her about how tough it will be to survive on the streets. Your friend is probably scared and confused. Try to be supportive and help your friend feel less alone. Remind your friend that, whatever the problem is, there are other ways to deal with it, even if neither one of you can think of the ways right now. An adult will know how to help.

It takes courage to tell an adult that your friend is about to run away, but try to do this as soon as possible. Being a real friend doesn't mean keeping a secret when it can hurt someone. It means doing the best thing possible for your friend. And running away isn't a solution for either of you. It only leads to more problems and danger.Health Question & Answer

1. How old are you.? If you're under 18, you should not run away. Cops can be called and you can be in a lot of legal trouble just for being missing more than 24hrs.
2. Where are you getting the money to "run away.?"
3. Sometimes it's best just to not "speak your mind" because it often offends people and bothers them. Keeping things to yourself is a sign of maturity and almost always necessary.

Just stay home and get along with your mother, after all, you have nowhere else to go because I'm guessing you're not financially ready at all.Health Question & Answer

I think you need to sit down with your mom and say I have some things i need to tell you and i would like it if you could listen
or maybe you can write her an email about what you need to tell her
Mother daughter relationships are very important!!!!!!
I do think you should try to go home and work this thing out with your mom.
also maybe you could go into family counseling.?
I hope things work out for you and your mom
Health Question & Answer

As a child, please stay. Hug your mom and say "I love you what ever you do and say to me, I will ALWAYS Love you" say "thank you for what she have dome because you know that your mother will only do and say anything which will make you to SOMEBODY in the Future"

if cant do it write a letter saying those. This will melt your mother's heart down. Be always positive in all things that you will say, dont shout, touch her by your hugs. and show the respect, dont shout. I know she will listen to you. Promise.Health Question & Answer

Don't run away. That will only make things worse. In the long term, you need to get a job and money and move out. But being on the street will be a huge mistake.

If you need to talk to someone, maybe a school counselor may help. I was one once.

For answers to anxiety and depression, I've only found one thing that actually works well: The Bible. Check out this website: It will provide some real help. And everything is free.Health Question & Answer

STAY. Even tho you are and your mom fight, she needs you more than you think, and you need her. She needs a counselor, and so do you! I understand both sides- I was a teen once, and I remember what it was like, it was insane, me and my mom fought all the time, she battled depression, and so did I. It will get better, I promise! Health Question & Answer

stay home

and just don't talk back keep the things to yourself and also am very open minded and say what i think kinda like you and i do fight a lot with my dad but sometimes i try to ignore or just don't get angry and say what you're expected to say dont say more than what they want you to say

try to avoid them Health Question & Answer

I understand where your comming from. I think the best thing to do is write your mom a letter telling her how you feel. And just take a breather spend the night at a friends or family members, just to clear your mind ya know.? and when your both cooled down, maybe you two can talk without the fighting, just explain it in the letter.Health Question & Answer

it's better no to run away, sometimes to make it easier for parents you just have to not say anything...however if u think running away is for the best (plan it out, save up some money-get a job, find a place you can stay, make sure she knows when u leave, tell her u love her before u go)Health Question & Answer

Do you have any relatives.? Depending on your age you could drive to a family members house and stay there for a while and let things cool down. Or even walk if they live close by. I would call a relative first of course. If you can ask them to pick you up even . Sometimes Things just need to be separated a bit to cool off and then can come close together again after the heats gone . :) hope that helps.Health Question & Answer

Umm, Wow. You can try staying at a friends house.? Boyfriends house.? a close relatives house.? Let her cool down you can try talking to her again. Or stay- and not leave tomorrow, and try working things out. Running away is rough make sure you give it a lot of thought do not take it lightly!

Good Luck, E-mail me for more advice..
Massie.mocha@yahoo.comHealth Question & Answer

Get some earplugs so you don,t have to hear her so much . Try and deep breathe when you want to answer back and just say okay ma yu win . Its easier for you at home . You will get a shock in the real world where you need money for rent and food and clothes and utility bills, not to mention hassles from bad guys and girls who want to use you. Stay at home and try to get on betterHealth Question & Answer

Stay with a relative to cool things off and talk with them about everything. At least you know you'd be safe and you have someone that is part of the family to relate to.

Don't hit the streets, It's scary out there!Health Question & Answer

Go back you belong there!Health Question & Answer

Wow, so she's not beating or anything.? You're only issue is she talks over you.? Hey, news alert, YOUR A CHILD, IT"S THE CRAPPY PART OF GROWING UP.

Stay home, try to work with your mom, and quit whining.Health Question & Answer

You need a mediator -- someone else in the conversation to help you with your side, and your mom with hers. Try a counselor at school, or a family member.Health Question & Answer

Your mom really loves een though it may not seem like it. Running away from your problems is not the answer. Face them, tell her how you feel, talk about it. If not wait till your 18.Health Question & Answer

you need to tell every one more stuff like where you live and your age....

may i suggest a kids phone line...prank call them first...its pretty funny...and then call them back about your situation...and theyll tell u wat to do...then call back and prank call em again...Health Question & Answer

Rather then share your opinions with your mother, is there another adult you trust who will listen to your opinions.?

I hope you can stay at a friends place.Health Question & Answer

Your main objective right now is to obey mom, kid. You should not try to add on to her stress by being rebellious. Go back home and do something useful with yourself; like wash the dishes or something.Health Question & Answer

Think Before you act. I use to think my mom was always wrong, but they always know whats right. They made mistakes too, And just watching out. If your smart learn from other peoples Mistakes. Or Call Doctor DrewHealth Question & Answer

go to the police station, and tell them that you left and your mother hasn't reported anything. you will get a new home pronto!Health Question & Answer

i said the same thing but then i took a nap and told my mom sorry and everything was good :)Health Question & Answer

work it out with your mom. try not to stress her out. you need your mom she loves you.Health Question & Answer

What a unique situation, I've never heard of a kid wanting to leave home after a row before.Health Question & Answer

Just make sure you have a place to stay.Health Question & Answer

Good luck. Health Question & Answer

find out what your mom is stressing over and find a way to help her out
how old are u btw.?Health Question & Answer

i'm not sure how old you are, but i don't recommend running away. it's VERY difficult. i did that and it can lead down a very bad path in life. is there a school counselor or other adult you can talk to that you trust.? there are lots of resources out there for kids that can help.

know that it's very normal for teens and their parents to fight. it's normal for you to have very different opinions from your mom and to want to do things your way. it's what prepares you for being on your own. HOWEVER, the fact of the matter is that it's also your mom's place to try to protect you and raise you up right which is what she's probably trying to do even if you don't agree with her methods. one of the best ways to gain some independence from your parents is to earn it. rather than fight against her, listen carefully to what she's really saying and try to figure out why she might be saying it. try doing it - even if you don't really like it - to prove yourself to her. then, when you've gained some trust from her, you can approach her and maybe come to a compromise. as you continue to prove to her that you have the maturity to handle bigger responsibilities... she'll give you more!!Health Question & Answer

I think you should talk to your mother in a calm manner even if she raises her voice. As long as you are calm and serious about your problems, she should try to understand you. It seems like your mother cares for you a lot. Don't run away from home unless you are financially stable. I think you are too young. There are so many bad people and bad things out there. I ran away from home once, but I didn't even last a day. I came back because I was only 13 at the time. It was stupid of me and my mom actually cried after I walked out the door and said to never come back. She then made my sisters go search for me. Trust me. Even though your mom doesn't understand you, you should try to make her understand you and compromise in some ways. Don't run away from your problems. If you need someone to talk to, just email me.Health Question & Answer

When life gives you lemons say "F*** the lemons" and bail.Health Question & Answer

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