How do i convince a 30-year old stutterer that all is not lost?!

Question: How do i convince a 30-year old stutterer that all is not lost.?
my brother, 30, has been stuttering since he was 5 (shortly after our mom died). therapy wasn't a big thing here then so we just left it at that. but now that therapy has finally gained popularity here, i've been trying to convince him to get help. but he doesn't want to. he says he's too old for therapy and that he's gotten used to the stutter and the mean people laughing at him. i'm not buying this for one minute! but i don't really know how to drag him to a speech therapist. it has to be by his own free will. he hasn't gotten a job because of this and i tried going that route, but he just got insulted and angry at me. help please.Health Question & Answer

Some people do well in therapy, and some don't. Most likely he would be one who would not benefit from it simply because he wouldn't want to be there and probably wouldn't believe that it would help. In order for therapy to work, the person has to want to improve and has to practice the techniques they are taught.

I would suggest that he try self therapy. Then if he sees some improvement, he may later want to go to a specialist. If he decides that he wants to go, he will benefit more from it. He also needs to find the right therapist - one who specializes in treating stuttering and one who is comfortable working with adults.

Tell him to try these resources: there are videos online that show speech therapists working with stutterers; watch them and learn some techniques.

Meet others who stutter here
stutteringchat on Yahoo groups

Contact The Stuttering Foundation of America as that is where our family got help. Their book "Self Therapy for the Stutterer" worked wonders after working through it step by step. The book can be found here .?tabid=630" rel="nofollow">

Some medications that other stutterers have tried include lorazepam, citalopram, and buspar. Ask your doctor about trying an anti-anxiety medication while you are working on your stuttering. Be aware that your stuttering may be better than the side-effects of the medication, though.

Each stutterer is different, and a therapist who specializes in treating stuttering will be able to determine what will help you the most as they work with you.

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Tell your brother about Mel Tillman. He had a horrible stuttering problem that he did'nt overcome until he was almost 40! And then he went on to become a famous singer/songwriter and actor! He attributed his success in overcoming his stutter to singing, he said it was the only thing that worked for him after trying everything else. You should encourage your brother to try singing as a form of treatment/therapy. I'm sure he may not like the idea or be embarassed to sing in front of others so tell him to just try it out when he is alone. It really works and he should definitely try it or at least research it a little. Hope this helps.Health Question & Answer

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